Spec Ops: The Line Is 50% Off On Amazon, But Not Because It Sucks!

Spec Ops: The Line Is 50% Off On Amazon, But Not Because It Sucks!

Spec Ops: The Line was only released this past week but Amazon is already discounting the game up to 50% for the PC version and 25% for the 360 version!

Now you may be saying to yourself, “A game that gets a week one discount that deep must be terrible!” But you’d be oh so wrong.

Kotaku’s own Kirk Hamilton reviewed Spec: Ops and remarked that it, “is a considered and thought-provoking game that deserves to be experienced for its flaws as well as for its successes.” That means it’s good and you should play it.

So go forth and buy, buy, buy before Amazon realises the mistake they’ve probably made and some poor dude in IT gets fired over it!


  • Really really sucks to buy it on Steam at release and then find you could have gotten it less than half price factoring out the Australia Tax. Don’t know why they’re doing that.

    • On the publisher side of things, not sure why they would allow a 50% sale so soon. But on Amazon’s side of things, i guess they are trying really hard to grab attention away from the inevitable Steam Summer Sale? lol

      • There is actually a bunch of stuff up on Amazon at the moment – e.g. Max Payne 3 is 50% off, Syndicate for $15. If they are trying to grab attention away from the Steam Sale, it’s working!

  • Aussies can take advantage of this by using an amazon account with a fake us address.

    @kablekill…. No but the “summer” sale will be starting very soon!

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