The 5 Best 'Game Fails' Of June, Possibly Out Of Order

Here are Game Fails' top five video game fails of June 2012. Why does it take them this long to pick them? I don't know. I do know that first two here are so-so. Then they get to the Skyrim one.

The rest are excellent, but I think that Skyrim one should have gotten the top spot.


Game Fails: Best 5 fails of June 2012 [YouTube]


    Is the RSS feed bookmarked for next month?

    I wonder if Kotaku has to seek permission from the creators of the content for posting this kind of stuff

      they link directly to the video... why would they need permission? they're giving the creators free hits.

        What about the ones where they host the content, eg "hey look at these awesome pics this guy does!"

        In which case I think the answer is no. Pretty sure my friend just woke up one day to find his stuff plastered on Kotaku, no forewarning about it.

      if it uses youtube GNU licence(i think, or something similar), they don't have to ask for permission

      They aren't hosting or taking credit for the content. This is going direct to YouTube, who holds the ownership rights. This is just an article, if Totilo was claiming to own the rights to this, then permissions need to be sought. Reporting is free of regulation of that kind

        but they are making some cash off of it (with ads on the site)

          this is why we can't have things

    Rooster Teeth puts Halo Reach towards the front because they are huge fans of the game and there largest series (Red vs Blue) is based around Halo.

      Or maybe it's because it recieved the most views?
      Because, you know, that's how the judge the 'top 5 fails.'

      Also, the Skyrim fail has been out for a long time now.

        As in, the glitch was on youtube not long after launch. It's not anything new.

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