The Today Show Fails At The Wii U

Yesterday morning's Today Show in the US featured the Wii U, the hot new Nintendo console that's like a tablet merged with a game console. Should be great for live TV, right? Not quite, as you can see here.

At least no one has thrown a Wii U GamePad through a TV screen yet. Remember that stuff?

Let's take it back to 2006. Wii fails were a bit funnier.

(One more, from 2009... ah, the memories.)


    Hence the strap. They even show the wear the strap screen before every game. Seems like most people think its a joke even till now. Mericans

    middle vid sounds fake... bottom one is good... top one seems like poor planning

    the best is still australian today show playing that curling game. seen here:

    Lol, I love how they are selling (or trying to sell) the Wii U and then the following segment is about saving money during the holidays, Today Show Fail.

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