The Joy And Wonder Of A 3-Year-Old Playing Journey

The Joy And Wonder Of A 3-Year-Old Playing Journey

ThatGameCompany’s Journey is a wonderful game, a beautiful experience with universal wonder. The first time I played it, I felt a often felt a sense of childlike wonder.

Logan also feels childlike wonder as he plays the game. In fact, every time he feels wonder, it’s childlike wonder, because he is 3 years old.

Everyone I’ve shown this video to has made a similar remark: “Yep, this is about how I looked when I played Journey, too.”

(Thanks, William!)


  • That child has some of the best coordination I’ve ever seen in a 3-year old, especially the camera control. My 4-year old has problems with that. Great with platformers but get into 3D and all bets are off.

    • Some adults new to gaming seem to have that problem too. Learning curve you don’t even think of if you’ve grown up with games.

  • My 2yr old has +100 dexterity on ios, although he’s still unable to search for stuff on youtube, but he can definitely buy stuff off ebay.

  • I showed my friend’s girlfriend’s 6 year old daughter Journey – I played it for her, but did precisely what she told me to, and her reaction was exactly the same. She told me she knew, 100%, that the person inside the robe was a girl her age and I almost adopted her on the spot.
    Luckily her mum is somewhat attached to her, and Journey is over quickly, so I guess I came out on top. A wonderful, hour-long series of moments though.

  • Is it really a good idea for a kid that young to be playing video games to any significant amount anyway?
    My 2 year old has played Trials HD to the extent that if she catches me playing it when she finishes napping I let her “make the man jump” a few times so she’s not too upset.
    Honestly, I feel concern even about allowing that. :-/

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