The Joy And Wonder Of A 3-Year-Old Playing Journey

ThatGameCompany's Journey is a wonderful game, a beautiful experience with universal wonder. The first time I played it, I felt a often felt a sense of childlike wonder.

Logan also feels childlike wonder as he plays the game. In fact, every time he feels wonder, it's childlike wonder, because he is 3 years old.

Everyone I've shown this video to has made a similar remark: "Yep, this is about how I looked when I played Journey, too."

(Thanks, William!)


    That child has some of the best coordination I've ever seen in a 3-year old, especially the camera control. My 4-year old has problems with that. Great with platformers but get into 3D and all bets are off.

      Some adults new to gaming seem to have that problem too. Learning curve you don't even think of if you've grown up with games.

    My 2yr old has +100 dexterity on ios, although he's still unable to search for stuff on youtube, but he can definitely buy stuff off ebay.

    This is the best. The wonder of the kid and the patience of the dad.

    I showed my friend's girlfriend's 6 year old daughter Journey - I played it for her, but did precisely what she told me to, and her reaction was exactly the same. She told me she knew, 100%, that the person inside the robe was a girl her age and I almost adopted her on the spot.
    Luckily her mum is somewhat attached to her, and Journey is over quickly, so I guess I came out on top. A wonderful, hour-long series of moments though.

    Is it really a good idea for a kid that young to be playing video games to any significant amount anyway?
    My 2 year old has played Trials HD to the extent that if she catches me playing it when she finishes napping I let her "make the man jump" a few times so she's not too upset.
    Honestly, I feel concern even about allowing that. :-/

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