The Next Final Fantasy XIII Game (Or DLC) Will Be Announced In September

The Next Final Fantasy XIII Game (Or DLC) Will Be Announced In September

Square Enix will announce news about the future of Final Fantasy XIII on September 1, Andriasang reports today.

Presumably this will be a Final Fantasy XIII-3 that continues where Final Fantasy XIII-2 (and its DLC) left off, but Square Enix has not specified. They’ve only said more is coming, promising what’s called the “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation” on September 1 during an event in Shibuya, Japan.

Rest assured there probably won’t be news of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Future Final Fantasy XIII Developments To Be Announced on September 1 [Andriasang]


  • Today? Is that a type for 2 days ago?

    Any ways here’s to hope it’s a movie so it won’t take time away from the rest of the development team and it can show off one of the amazing things XIII has brought us. Ever since first playing XIII I’ve though SE should of been in the film industry so it would be nice to see a decent crack at a proper mainline film. [Besides Advent Children (that was just pure whoring)].

    In fact I wouldn’t be upset to hear XV or XVI was going to be a film trilogy so long as they can keep as much story and emotion as the game have in it. Heck, I could even imagine a FF film trilogy on a ‘similar’ level to The Lord of the Rings.

      • It was called Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within, received a wide cinema release in 2000 and flopped badly nearly bankrupting the company and forcing them to merge with Enix and causing friction that ultimately caused Hironobu Sakaguchi to leave.Pretty much all been downhill from there.

        • Sad really, I kind of liked Spirits within. I think it was released at just the wrong point of tech. Uncanny valley killed it for a lot of people.

          • I always felt it was more because they called it a Final Fantasy movie. I personally liked it, it just wasn’t Final Fantasy.

  • Is Vanille going to be squealing less? It’s awkward when someone else is in the next room and thinks I’m watching Japanese porn :/

    • Definitely not, I loved 13 and I thought 13-2 was alright. I’m really hoping for a return to the original party though, Sazh, Fang and even Vanille were really good characters.

      • Same. FF13-2 was okay, but the plot was full of lazy time travel plotholes and although Noel was a great character, Sera got annoying fast.

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