The World Of Japanese Manholes Is Wonderful And Colourful

Japanese manholes aren't just lids for sewage systems. They are works of art. Since the 1980s, towns started using local motifs for their manholes. In 95 per cent of the country's municipalities, you can find unique manholes with different designs that will no doubt delight drainspotters everywhere.

The manhole covers are forged in Nagashima, where there is a central library of every manhole's master plate. To get that vibrant look, the manholes are also coloured with a tree resin that is poured into the grooved surface.

Check out Drainspotting for more.

芸術的な日本各地のマンホールの蓋 [ハムスター速報 via RocketNews]


    how is this game/game culture related?

    Really? Talk about flogging the dead horse. Honestly, when you're citing other sites from half a decade ago and calling it news, there's a problem.

    Flogging a dead horse? You mean complaining about the news right?

      I really don't get Bashcraft/Plunkett apologists. Whining about whiners is not the moral or logical equivalent of criticising the article in question. And no, "if you don't like it, don't read it" isn't a legitimate retort because you have to justify 'why?' before 'why not?'

        I thought the comments section was for discussing the article, not criticising it.
        "Don't like it, don't read it" IS an appropriate response when it's obvious that people have clicked on the link just to complain that the article exists.
        Believe me, I'd rather comment on the article itself (and I often do) but sometimes the trolls end up drowning out legitimate discussion and something needs to be said.

          Believe it or not, I still go into Plunkett/Bashcraft articles with an open mind and once in a blue moon, they surprise. Criticism is legitimate and it's no secret that since a couple of the better writers here (Crecente, Tracey Lien) went over to The Verge, it's basically become an unedited RSS feed for Bashcraft's japanophilic stream-of-consciousness and Plunkett's Tumblr relinks. If I wanted that, I'd subscribe to Weeaboo Daily.

          I still read this website, despite it becoming something of a joke in internet gaming communities. Giant Bomb and Polygon produce more great content than I have time to read so it's no skin off my back to unsubscribe. I like Kotaku but I shouldn't have to defend it when the writers are pushing out posts like this.

            I guess it's a matter of taste, but I don't actually mind the reddit relinks and the various 2 sentence filler articles. Sometimes things don't interest me in the slightest, whether they're gaming related or not, but I never go and criticise the article for existing because hey, maybe someone else enjoyed it!

    Well see the manhole covers are in Japan, and so is Nintendo, therefore, game related. ;)

    On a more serious note, though the article isn't game related directly, it's a nice find none the less.

    This article was relevant to my interests.

      As well as I.

    You should see my 'manhole'.

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