A Hypnotic Video Showing All 151 Original Pokémon Being Stitched Together

The Bayeux Tapestry might be a big deal for the French and English, but come on. It's old, the people look rubbish and it's not even a real tapestry!

It's embroidery, just like this epic image of all 151 original Pokémon, and if I had to choose between which one I'd hang on my wall, it'd be the Pokémon. Mostly because my office wall isn't big enough for the Bayeux Tapestry (it's 230 feet long), but partly because of the Pokémon.

Pokemon first generation — completed [Eponases]


    That's pretty awesome. I'd love that for my kids wall...

    Wow that would have taken bloody ages.

      8 months according to the video description. Seems like it was worth it though, it's fricken amazing!

    Just to go uber nerd on it I just finished the same thing but JUST a charizard that was about 2 inches square and that took me a few weeks. What makes this nuts is how clean the back side is as you can see on the roll at the top - it looks almost as good as the front. Serious art.

      Huh! Didn't even notice that first time through (neatness on the back).

      What an amazing piece of work! Forget the kids room, that's worthy of a place by the front door.

    That title had me worried for a moment that it was some creepy Pokemon based take on the Human Centipede. Thankfully it wasn't as that was insanely awesome to watch. I did a cross stitch once and though it turned out ok, it took me forever so the person who did this has my respect.

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