Beautiful Classic Missile Spam In This New Macross Game

Starting a bit over two years ago, Bandai Namco began an experiment of releasing small original PS3 games along with their most popular anime titles in "hybrid packs". The latest of these is Macross: My Boy Friend is a Pilot 2012 which shares a Blu-ray with the classic anime remaster of Macross: Do You Remember Love.

My Boy Friend is a Pilot is not the first Macross game from a Hybrid pack — two others have come with the Macross Frontier movies. While I have not played the second of these, My Boy Friend is a Pilot has many additions compared to the first, with both ground stages and new sideways levels.

So to get your missile spamming fix for the day, check out the video above.

Macross: My Boy Friend is a Pilot 2012 was released on July 26, 2012, for the PlayStation 3 as part of the Macross: Do You Remember Love Hybrid Pack.


    Reminds me how much I'm hanging out for that ZoE remake.

      Oh gods yes; that's going be awesome! Wish Kojima would let the metal gear franchise die and make Zoe3 already.

    I wish they would start releasing these in the western world....

    Hell I'd settle for a HD remake of Robotech Battlecry, or even just a PS3 port...

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