Build Robots, Race Robots, Fight Robots, Mourn Robots

Indie developer Alex Rozgo is working on Rawbots, a game that's all about designing and building robots then having stuff.

Drawing on inspiration from stuff like LEGO and Spore, the idea is that you design, program and build your own robot then mess around with it in a virtual sandbox.

So you can shoot stuff, yeah, but there's also more pedestrian pursuits you can cobble together as well.

Rawbots [Facebook]


    The creation tools look awesome but I'm not sold on the gameplay at all.

    Also, why would you want to control a PC game with your Ipad...?

    It didn't look like that, looks to me as if people have the option to control it with their iPad, as a choice but not as a requirement.

    Game play seemed really cool with the ability to create your bot and battle against other creations. Just like that TV show battlebots.

    When I was younger my friends and I played this game so much:

    It was so fun building different types of robots and seeing who had the best one. It's been at least 10 years since I have played that game, if you played it today it would be an absolute piece of shit. But still kinda fun.

    If it's anything like that, instant buy.

    Star Wars Robot maker thingy 20 years later!

    Fun fun fun

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