Cute Hoodie Turns You Into A Subtle Ryu From Street Fighter

The biggest problem most video game-inspired outfits run into is subtlety. Or, their lack of it. Something emblazoned with logos and character art might be fine for a LAN party or trade show, but on the street, it can often be a little much.

So I like this hoodie. I wouldn't buy it, but I like it. To the faithful it transforms you into Street Fighter star Ryu, but to the average person on the street it's just a hoodie with a panelled colour scheme.

It's $US60, and you can grab it below.

The Master [Mega Hood Sweaters, via Fashionably Geek]


    How is this cute.

      cute (adj): appealing and delightful; charming

    How is this cute.

    I think it's awesome!

    And I would definitely think of buying it. I'm a street fighter tragic.

    $60 shipping to Aus, get f**ked

    Chuck it in the pile of ugly gamer clothes that should not be worn in public.

    This hoodie is awesome. Perfect for people who like to be subtle with their nerd fashion but $60 for postage that's a joke

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