Diablo III Used To Look More Like An MMORPG

Diablo III Used To Look More Like An MMORPG

Original design plans for Diablo III involved an MMORPG-like chatroom that would replace the menu-based Battle.net interface, says Diablo co-creator David Brevik. Instead of just scrolling through chatrooms, you’d cross through towns and interact with players by trading and selling items.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Brevik outlined the idea:

One of things we originally designed for Diablo 2 that never made it into the game was this idea of a Battle.net town… So instead of going into the chat room at the beginning you would actually go into a graphic town. It was, basically, a glorified chat room, but you could wander around a little bit. We ended up compromising, and going with, you get dumped into a chat room and pictures of your heroes were along the bottom of Battle.net.

We wanted to take that and make that a reality, make that into an MMO experience. Then we had these towns which were not instanced, and they had lots of people in them, and you’re interacting and trading and selling and getting quests. Then you’d go out and have these experiences, but you would create these games and go out and play the game with a group of your friends.

But they turned out not to feel like an MMO because part of the feeling from an MMO is when you’re walking across Elwynn Forest [from Blizzard MMO World of Warcraft] and you see some guy walk by that’s this high level guy, or you’re fighting some monster and somebody else comes up and helps you, those dynamic social things that happen, were missing from that experience.

So this idea of creating these public combat zones that allow people to have that dynamic social interaction is really what I wanted to make with this game.

Head to the Eurogamer Q&A for more of Brevik’s thoughts on Diablo and his current game, Marvel Heroes. It’s an interesting read.

Diablo 1 and 2 co-creator Brevik’s Diablo 3 was very different [Eurogamer]


  • “you’re fighting some monster and somebody else comes up and helps you”

    heh, “help” that’s non-existent in most MMOs

    • yh true, its not helping when they are stealing ur kills and stealing ur loot.

      got back into WoW a few months ago and got to lvl 85 and EVERYONE is sooo fukn rude.
      when i first played WoW people loved to help out on quest, there was even a high lvl character greeting all the low lvls to wow in Goldshire.

      now its a huge struggle just to find a person to help me with a quest, guilds a full of inactive players and most the time the ones who are online have no interest in chat.

      WoW has become social game with no social aspect.

      all the cool people have stopped playing and now its full of nerds and geeks who are so self absorbed by there own characters.

      after Diablo 3 I have no faith in Blizzard.
      Starcraft was a massive let down, yh it pull of the RTS of very well but thats it, it was just another RTS.
      WoW gets boring very fast. MMORPG games are so crap these days, with the tech we got now Id expect more but all we got was the Quest, Kill and profession formula that hasnt changed with a Battleground system that is extremely unbalanced.

      and Diablo 3 was just another Top Down Hack and Slash with very dull gameplay, shocking story and nothing to do.

      Blizzard have become the developer that hasnt got innovation.

      PC gaming is dead and for a good reason, developers simply have no interest in creating Innovative or interesting games for PCs.

      and MMORPG’s wont last long with the boring direction the genre is taking. Live a virtual life with nothing to do,

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