Doom 4 Will Utilise Virtual Reality Tech

John Carmack, along with Gabe Newell, has been an outspoken supporter of Virtual Reality — particularly recently with the Oculus Rift kickstarter — but now it looks as though he’s putting his money where his mouth is by actively stating his intent to support the Oculus Rift with the upcoming Doom 4.

Carmack has already built functionality into Doom 3: BFG Edition, but he’s now planning to do the same thing with the game’s sequel.

“I’m excited for once Doom 3 ships, and gets out there, I’ll put all this stuff into the Doom 4 platform, which will be nice to take our current top-of-the-line stuff and have that in virtual reality,” said Carmack. “I’m looking forward to doing that.

“It’s going to be a fully supported feature on there, because I think I could justify — based on the response that we got from our 8-year-old re-release title on here, when we finally do end up giving demos on Doom 4, we’re gonna say, ‘Okay, here’s all this great stuff, run through all this stuff,’ everybody has a great time, and then at the end you can play it in virtual reality, and that’ll just put the stamp on everything. So I think I have good justification for my continued involvement in it.”

The Oculus Rift has absolutely obliterated it’s $250,000 goal on Kickstarter and is currently sitting at almost $1.3 million.

‘Doom 4’ will incorporate Oculus Rift VR tech [Polygon]

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