Earth Defense Force 3: Portable Brings New Toys To Defend Earth

Earth Defense Force 3: Portable, the portable version of the 2007 Xbox 360 game, Earth Defense Forces 2017 is coming to the PS Vita at the end of next month. With five years since the original release, there's been a lot of time to refine and add a bunch of new goodies into the battle for the planet's defence. Here's a rundown of what's been added.

Newly Developed Heavy Weapons From Titania Co. Three new types of Titania brand heavy weapons, the Titania Auto Cannon assault rifle, the Blood Fire rocket launcher, and the Titania Guided Cannon missile have been introduced. Each high power weapon has been miniaturized to add massive firepower with relatively minimal sacrifice to mobility. (However, equipping more than 1 will take a chunk out of your character's movement speed.)

New Co-op Play Weapons A new array of weapons and tools specifically designed for co-op has been added to the arsenal, including the Reverser, Aerial Reverser, Killer Drone and Minute Shield. The Reverser and Aerial Reverser can be used to heal damaged allies and vehicles, the Killer Drone damages enemies around allies, and the Minute Shield reduces damage to allies within an area.

Over 150 Weapons For The New Pale Wing The flying female soldier, the Pale Wing is back with a hefty collection of weapons, from the close range Zero Range Plazma Arc Gun, to the Laser Rifle, to the Chain Lightning Gun, to the Ixion particle minigun, to the Plasma Launcher, to the psi-guided explosive, the "Mirage"... I think most of these weapons are self-explanatory.

New Enemies With new powerful weapons on the defending side, the invaders have some new goodies of their own to level the playing field (both figuratively and literally). So far, a new laser-spraying gun ship and an acid-spitting golden bug have been announced to fill the nightmares of every Earth defender.

Earth Defense Force 3: Portable is scheduled for release in Japan on September 27. No news on an English version yet.

『地球防衛軍3 ポータブル』陸戦歩兵部隊へ新兵器を投入 [ファミ通.com]


    ..... so how much does a Vita cost? *rabid EDF fan* Nice to see it's not just a straight port!

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