First Look At Mass Effect 3's Leviathan DLC

A new singleplayer mission finally comes to BioWare's hit sci-fi series in the form of Mass Effect 3's Leviathan add-on campaign, announced today at EA's Summer Showcase event.


    No thank you.

    And its because of the eventual flood of story DLC that I never tried to finish ME3. When its all out there, then Ill finish the game.

    And it just got more interesting... Leviathan will add/change the existing extended cut endings...

      Oh crazy, I am very intrigued! Really looking forward to what DLC they put out for the 3rd game. ME2 had some great stuff so I'm sure this will be a damn fun addition to an already epic game series.

    Waiting for GOTY.
    I bet that the original ME3 ending was intended to evolve as you got more DLC.

    look, i'm gonna wait for ME4$ to be out before i buy anymore ME3 DLC.

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