Holocaust 'Jokes', Racist Insults May Get You Suspended From Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has only just officially launched, but ever since the headstart began on Saturday, ArenaNet has been busily suspending users whose names or behaviour violate policy. Many users who have been suspended have taken exception to their punishment.

So ArenaNet has taken to Reddit to answer users' innocent and not-so-innocent questions.

Several players with innocuous names questioned why they were suspended, only to be told that while their names were all right, their behaviour was not. The ArenaNet representatives then shared some of the more choice racist, homophobic, and abusive language with the world, to prove the point:

Name: OK Chat — Not Ok: "This isn't Africa, you don't adopt black kids."

Name: OK Chat: Not ok — Neurologic: "the worm IS fucking hard if you're a fucking mentalpatient no we fucking dont you can take a keep with 5 people if you're not a fucking dickhead"

The name's fine. The chat? No so much: Bixx: Get out of here you gag faggot.

Name: OK Chat: Not ok — "i AM A DOG YOU NIGGER"

There were some so bad that ArenaNet would not publicly repost the content: "Name: Ok Chat: Not ok. (The Holocaust "jokes" were just ugly.)"

Players who had rolled the characters "Adolf Critler" and "verybigballsackk" accepted their suspensions with good grace, and full knowledge that they deserved it.

On the other hand, some players did indeed find that the fault was not their own. ArenaNet's response to several was to reply, "Your account was hacked. Please contact Support so they can help you out." Gold sellers, it appears, are already out in full force.

ArenaNet has deliberately focused on creating an inclusive, welcoming game community, and a big part of doing that is keeping the worst behaviour out of public chat channels. But they do have a sense of humour. The official ArenaNet response to a query about the acceptibility of "Winston Charrchill?" "I am SO sad I did not think of that." And now I kind of am, too. If you're planning to dive into Guild Wars 2 this week, it's worth having a look at the official naming policy first. And don't be a jerk in chat.

Suspensions for Offensive Names and Inappropriate Behavior [Reddit]


    While i applaud the thought of trying to keep the community to some standards, i also think its like trying to cover a leaky pipe with just your hands; there use to much jerk on the internet to contain.

      It's also a new MMO. Maybe they are being harsh right out of the gate to weed out the bad people from day one.

    Wow, Adolf Critler was suspended? RIP sense of humour.

    Quesiton: If someone gets band for chat, dose that mean there name becoes avalible?

    Presumably since a staff member has signed off on its ban, i would think it joins a list of inappropriate names... Not that this stops people respelling it

    I read the thread on reddit last night. there are some very funny responses.

    Good on ArenaNet. Some people might view this as a pointless and losing battle, but screw it, they're not going to make progress without trying.

    I really like the idea of policing naming standards and such. Consistency is certainly the key here. Which is a concern since the "Winston Charrchill" name they liked so much is a pretty clear violation of their own rules. (Names are in breach of rules if they: Reference religious or historical figures and if they: Use misspellings or alternative spellings of names that violate any of the above rules).

    I always wonder with banning people for chat how it works. I'd hope you only get banned for global chat or if someone complains because it would suck to get banned for trash talking with your friends when you know they weren't going to be offended.

      I imagine a complaint is required, not to mention a bit of fair context. Friends badmouthing probably okay, as long as it isn't laden with bad language. Randomly abusing strangers, not so much.

    I was wondering why everyone was so nice in game. I asked a couple of questions about simple things, and was surprised to actually have them answered politely and helpfully! I guess this is why.

    I'm all for strict rules with Public chat. There's really no need, or excuse for bad language in a public forum!

    Well, it's a lot better than The Old Republic's pathetic moderating. For the two months I played it was nothing but Aboriginal jokes/Julia Gilliard is a (insert explicative here) etc... no way to even report them.

    Whilst there have been bad moments and I'm somewhat dreading the influx of non-pre purchasers, the community has been outstanding. It sounds so lame and cheesy but everyone is just so nice. It makes you want to be nice as well. Yesterday I spent a good hour or so just helping some randoms in Lion's Arch complete a few of the jumping puzzles. Feels good man.

    The community is plenty nice if you agree with them that the game is the best thing ever invented.

    Yesterday however, I ended up in a 2 hour discussion just because someone asked what people thought of the game so far and I said:

    "I haven't really been amazed yet"

    You would think I had said "This is WoW for scrubs also I am a Nazi eating your baby right now"

    Serious explosion of fan boys telling me to "get the hell out" if I didn't like it etc.

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