Let's Pretend Video Games Are Movies. What Do The Posters Look Like?

For the most part — in fact for all of the parts — movies based on video game IP have been terrible. But still, when rumours are spread about potential Hollywood interpretations of our favourite games, it's hard not to get excited. This is essentially why these posters — completely made up posters that reimagine our favourite games as movie posters — are so cool.

There are 20 of them over at the Daily Dip, but we've selected a few favourites from the list. I love the Portal one. And I now want a Portal movie starring Natalie Portman. I want this because of reasons.


    I'd watch a portal movie with Portman as the protagonist.

      Is it because she wont have any lines to ruin?
      (I actually like portman... But it was too tempting.. Silent Protagonist and all...)

        No doubt hollywood would add some male character as a romantic interest and ruin everything

          Culminating in someone looking into the end of a portal gun in order to save the others life in some bullshit contrivance

    I really want a Half Life movie now. That looks awesome.


      His hand that's holding the shotgun looks a bit weird.

      yesterday I did firefly marathon and the entire time I was saying that Nathan Fillion would play the best Nathan Drake. The portal poster looks awesome, even the font the title is in works great with the poster.

        Fillion was Drake-ish 10 years ago maybe. You seen what he looks like nowadays?

          Captain Hammer here!!

    In what universe is that Chell, the hispanic protagonist of Portal?

      in the universe where natalie portman is insanely hot!

        Not disputing, but are we just going to replace everyone with Natalie Portman now?

        Never mind don't answer that.

    Would u prefer Sofia Vergara? I would lol.
    She'd have to stay silent though..

      haaahaha cracked me up. "GlaDOOOOOOOS... where isss theeee poorrtaaaaaaaaaaall?"

    Love the Half Life one - very reminiscent of the old Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Big Trouble in Little China montage movie posters

      I would have made Gordon Freeman bigger though :)

    Love the expression on the G-Man's face.

    It's as if he is meant to say "Aw crud!"

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