Batman Returns Has Never Looked As Good As In This Amazing Catwoman Poster

I'm not sure how it happened but, in recent months, the internet has found a new appreciation of Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Part of that is the pure insanity of the film, and lots of it is how absolutely perfect Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman remains. If you're a fan of that performance (and, frankly, who isn't?), this may be your new favourite movie poster all time. It's by contemporary artist Yuko Shimizu, and it's jaw-dropping.

This is the variant edition of a more traditional Batman Returns poster Shimizu also did, which you can see here. Both posters will be released by Dark Hall Mansion on Wednesday, June 1 at 5:30am AEST at Dark Hall Mansion Store. Head there for more specifics.


    That scene where Catwoman plants a bomb, leaps acrobatically and miaows as the bomb goes off pushed every single button in my 12-year old self mind, even though I could tell it was super dumb.

    It wasn't even a bomb - it was an aerosol can in a microwave - that's how freakin' cool she was!

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