New Batman Figures Include Catwoman And The Riddler

Not to be confused with Square Enix's bigger, more expensive pieces, these Arkham City figures from DC may be smaller, but they also feature a lot more characters.

There are five in the series, including a Detective Mode-themed Batman, Catwoman, Mad Hatter, Hush and the Riddler. Who you will not have to collect trophies to find. You'll just have to part with money.

Each figure (Mad Hatter aside) stands around 6.5", and they'll be available in April 2012.

Batman Arkham City Series 2 Figures From DC Direct [TNI]


    Is it just me or does The Riddler look like Charlie Sheen?

    why is Batman's face blue?
    Did he take to long fighting mr freeze?

      I though Arkham City's Riddler looked more like Robert Downey Jr.
      Can't exactly say the figure is a good likeness.

    Hush is in Arkham City? I need to go back and finish those side-missions!

    HUSH is sweet looking... but a Detective Mode Batman?? Really?

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