Minesweeper And Solitaire Now Have Achievements. Sigh.

Well, this is depressing. In preparation for the release of Windows 8, Microsoft is updating some of the platform's stalwart titles, like Minesweeper, Solitaire and Majong. Updating them with achievements.

Minesweeper, for example, has four of them. Four. One is for finishing a board, and one is for losing a round. Solitaire has 3. Presumably one of them is triggering the greatest victory screen of all time, leaving the other two to be "get bored and quit" and "click endlessly through the deck even though you know the card you want isn't there".

Really, what's the point? It seems pointless for more casual users and insufficient for seasoned achievement hunters. Leaving us stuck in the middle ground. The depressing middle ground where Minesweeper is renamed Microsoft Minesweeper and has achievements.

Minesweeper [Xbox 360 Achievements, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Who cares if they have achievements or not, if both games didn't have them you'll still eventually do the requirements.

    Man I gotta get my fix of gamerscore where ever possible damn it!

    It's just the modern day equivalent of high score lists, or best times. Pointless (but harmless) ways of keeping track of the equally pointless (but enjoyable) activity of playing games.

    The people who get irrationally angry over achievements are nearly as insufferable as those that care too much about them (you know the ones, they'll play utter garbage for the achievements, and pay far too much money for even worse DLC).

    They already have achievements on WP7 so what does it matter? Just means I should be able to get them over again.

    Sorry, but who cares if they do have them? If you like Achievements, great. if you don't really care about them, then don't try to geth them. I don;t know anyone who actually dislikes them. I've never heard "FFS, I beat Left 4 Dead 2 on the hardest Difficulty and i got an Achievement for it! I hate Achievements!!"

      Closet achievement addiction...

        I'll openly admit that I love them. I will go out of my way with most of the games I play to get them. I just don;t see how anyone could be upset that a game has them. Getting one and not caring about it affects you in no way.

    Oh man. Now I have to get Windows 8 just to make sure I can max out my score. Worst part is I'm only half joking.

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