NBA 2K13 Adds Kinect Features?

NBA 2K13 Adds Kinect Features?

Somehow, NBA 2K13 has managed to have a three-stage cover reveal. First, there were the stars. Then the cover added in Jay-Z as an executive producer, right there under the logo. Now, as first noticed by, we see the Xbox 360 box art, and notice it says “Better with Kinect”.

Sports simulations so far haven’t fallen into the trap with Kinect that some did with PlayStation Move (including NBA 2K12, folding in casual motion-control schemes or mini-games that seemed to use a motion controller simply because it was there. If NBA 2K13 is using Kinect, I’d expect this to involve voice commands and very little else. I’ve not heard anything official but it’s reasonable to think Kinect will let you call for a ball or tell a teammate to shoot in the “My Player” career mode, or to change defenses or run a play in any of the team modes. FIFA 13 is already confirmed as doing these sorts of things.

When reached by Kotaku, a 2K Sports representative declined to comment.

Amazon Outs NBA 2K13 As “Better With Kinect” []


  • 2K13…. %#&$ marketing $%##&@it….
    2K was quicker to write then 2000, its 2 characters shorter,…. 2K13 is not any quicker to write then 2013, why not just write 2013.

    • Isnt 2k the branding? Just like the old NBA Live series used Live?
      I’d prefer the 2k instead of just plain old 2013. Granted its not that creative but better than numbers alone.

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