Old Game Company Intro Screens Were The Best

"Saaaayyyyy-gggaaahhhhh" and Lucasarts' efforts might be the most memorable, but a ton of console games of the 1990's had great little intro screens, not for the games themselves, but for the publishers releasing them.

Sometimes they were clever, sometimes they were funny and sometimes, in the case of EA, they've barely changed at all.

Console Splashes [Dumb Geeky Stuff]





      If it's in the game, it's in the game

    Challenge everything

    this isn't Reddit plunkett...

      what's reddit? is it some sort of tasty fruit? or another kotaku page I am missing? or is it some other message board on the internet that not everyone can be bothered reading because they prefer kotaku?

        I think the point is not that the author has taken the basis of an article from reddit, but that that is the only thing he has done. 3 lines and a link is perfect for reddit, however I, and a lot of other readers are of the opinion that Kotaku has slightly higher standards of journalism and expect a proper article about the subject matter. It certainly is annoying when you see a particularly interesting post and upon clicking it's exactly what you read on the front page and an enlarged thumbnail. Perhaps the Mr Plunkett should preface them with something like "In Brief:Insert Article Title" or something like that... but not shit. That keeps everyone happy.

          Then you, and alot of other readers, are on the wrong site

          This is a glorified blog site with gaming news, not a mainstream hardcore journalism website. Why havent people caught onto this yet?

    "Challenge Everything"

    Made me want to challenge the imbecile who decided it ought to be unskippable to fisticuffs.

    I loved Super International Cricket on the SNES.... always classis when Ritchie would say "It it's in the game, it's in the game"

    Radical Entertainment (in Jackie Chan's voice)

    That's a pretty piss-poor amount, there's heaps of good ones, not to mention all the variants, as seen with the sega intros for different games (sonic, earthworm jim etc).

    The Sierra intro was my absolute favourite

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