Preordering Persona 4 Golden Makes Your Vita Look So Pretty

Available while supplies last at participating retailers, this gorgeous Persona 4 skin for your Vita is yours free when you preorder the upcoming sprucing-up, Persona 4 Golden.

Not only is it sticky and colourful, the skin also melds seamlessly with the eight included wallpapers, transforming the face of your Vita into a work of art. Makes me want to leave my handheld on pause and sit it on a shelf forever.

Mind you this is one of those "while supplies last" promotions. Hopefully the game store employees will have some left over after they finish distributing them to their friends.


    when is it coming out though?

    can't wait

    How do you see the screen, huh?

    It's silly. Not converting me off getting the Digital Download. I'll get it quicker and for $35 instead of $55.

      Are you retarded? The skin surrounds the screen, the image on the screen is one of the included articles mentioned in the article. Learn to read

        But you can't play when that wallpaper is up, can you?

        Now who's retarted.

          Obviously not.

          It's just a backing sticker that matches potential wall paper images.

          It's a nice, yet not entirely necessary extra that has been used many times in the past with PSP games.

          Your inability to understand how it works is rather perplexing, though.

          Still you.

    Loving the prospects of getting skins as good as this for other games. =D

    "Makes me want to leave my handheld on pause and sit it on a shelf forever."
    depressing that thats pretty much all the vita is good for currently anyway.

      I disagree, mine receives daily use. I will admit that sometimes I revert to playing PSP games on it during 'drought' periods, but I have no intention of putting it on a shelf just yet, not with the October/November line up just around the corner... SF VS Tekken, Cod: Declassified, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Assassins Creed: Liberation, LBP... People out there do thoroughly enjoy the Vita.

    Only plebs put stickers on their consoles.

    I think chucking skins on your consoles is a ludicrous idea - even when they use low-bond "sticky stuff" it still makes the console gunky once you're sick of looking at it and have peeled it off. Having the screen display something which plays into its design is a nice idea but it still doesn't change the bottom line - you're left with a gunky console.

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