Super Mario Bros. As A Hole In A Miniature Golf Course

From afar, I thought I was seeing a Minecraft-inspired hole of miniature golf. Closer, I thought the inspiration may have been 3D Dot Game Heroes. No, the mini-golf hole made by a gentleman named Aaron Williamson was based on Super Mario Bros..

The hole is part of an arcade-themed mini-golf course on New York City's unusual and relatively remote Governors Island, a 90-acre landmass that sits in New York Harbor near the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and Brooklyn but wasn't opened to the public until 2005. The course was created by a group called Figment and is open for all to play. The Mario course caught my eye, but you'll see other gaming-themed holes in the background of the video I shot (Figment's website has a nice breakdown of the best ones.)

If you're in the New York City area, I suggest you visit the island. It's a cool place to visit, if you're willing to bring or rent a bike. You'll have to take a ferry to get there, and it's only open on the weekend and only during the summer.

The first photo here is from the Governors Island website.

I took this second one from the island yesterday.


    Hey Stephen, thanks for the post, I'm glad you liked "Princess' Castle"! Unfortunately, you caught it at the end of a long season (it went up in early June as a part of the Figment art festival, and it's a little worse for the wear. There are even actual mushrooms growing out of it in places! You can see some pictures of the hole in its original glory on my Flickr page:

    I want it. I want decorations like that for my garden/yard. What are they made of?

    Starman -- The platform is routed plywood on a frame of 2x4s, covered in astroturf. The mushrooms and castle have plywood skeletons but are covered with 1.5" wooden blocks that were beveled on a custom table saw jig my friend designed. I'd be happy to share all of the designs -- I was lucky enough to have a friend who runs a giant CNC router professionally, but they'd be useful even if you were routing it yourself. I'll update my blog post ( later with some more details about the construction.

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