The Cosplay Insanity That Roared Through Tokyo

Starting on Friday, the biannual Comic Market (aka "Comiket") was held in Tokyo. Just like with previous years, the 2012 summer Comiket featured a whole slew of cosplayers milling about and posing for pics. Here are some of them.

Sister site Kotaku Japan and cosplay blog Asagawo were on hand to soak up the festivities with their cameras. Have a look at the parade of costumes in the above gallery — more in the links below.

Cosplay wasn't only on display outside. Inside the actual event, there were also self-produced cosplay ROMs available for purchase.

たのしくたのしくあつくね!, 燃え尽きるほどホーット!, 『ジャック・スパロウ』 [Kotaku Japan]

ネタ系レイヤー&カッコイイレイヤー, その1, その2, その3, その4, その5, その6, その7, その1, その3, その4, その5 その2,その6, その7 [アサガヲBlog]

(Top photo: アサガヲBlog)
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    The Jack Sparrow one was great, and I'm likin' the Gintama one.

      Is that a hobo? Nope, Hasegawa

    Wow, that OOO's looks really good.

    What's with the guy with a console for a head?

    Nice Dr Doom.

    They really don't make good twi'leks do they ? The Ivy was pretty good though.

    Best -jack Sparrow (looked like the real Johnny!)

    Worst - Rin (what was with that facial??)

    Good man drinking Asahi!

    Second on the OOO - I wouldn't know where to start when making a Toku suit cosplay :S

    just because it's so awesome.

    Taka~ Tora~ Batta~

    Ta To Ba ~ TaToBa ~ Tatoba!

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