The Witcher 2's Mod Tools Can Build You An Entirely New Game

The Witcher 2 is getting mod tools. We previously knew...that fact and that fact alone, but at GamesCom last week developers CD Projekt showed off the game's upcoming REDkit, and it's looking terrific.

Far from being just a simple level editor or means of sliding mods into the game, REDkit looks to be one step short of being an RPG creator, with users able to do everything from build new Witcher 2 missions to crafting new levels in new worlds using new characters, and if you can be bothered, you can even insert your own dialogue and cutscenes.

It'll be out next year, but CD Projekt is currently taking beta testers here.


    There are so many reasons to love these guys, it goes way beyond just making awesome games. CD Projekt is fast becoming my favourite developer!

      Second this, no drm, Free DLC, constantly trying to make their games better and more compelling not just formulaic... Bethesda listen up I have been your fanboy for long enough!

        You still going to buy Dishonoured?

    This game engine, My GTX 670, bring it on!

    Thank god - I thought that was Justin Beiber representing CDprojekt from the thumbnail...

    A Song of fire and ice mod
    LOTR mod

    both will happen, hopefully they'll be awesome

    Wasn't interested in playing the witcher series nor had the time to, but now I guess I'll buy the game

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