This Collection Of Old Apple Hardware Is Heroic

If you are super old like me (hello old friends!), you'll remember using some of these Apple computers. If you are a young whippersnapper (hello young friends!), you might not — but you should still enjoy perusing the retro hardware that's on display.

You are looking at a Russian collection of Apple computers, which website English Russia thinks might be one of the largest outside of the US. The collection belongs to Andrei Antonov, an Apple fan who's been collecting the company's hardware for the past three decades.

Last fall, Antonov talked about putting his collection on display in Moscow. This winter, he launched the Museum of Apple Technology. Visitors can see — and get hands on with — Apple hardware from over the years. It's even possible to play games like Prince of Persia.

Check out the museum in the above gallery, with more pictures in the links below.

Museum of Apple technology [DailyFresher via Anton Jaroshenko]

Московский музей техники Apple [БЛОГ ВИЗУАЛЬНЫХ ОСКОЛКОВ via English Russia]

Image: Anton Jaroshenko/Nasedkin


    I had that exact same joystick hooked to my Apple ][.

    Ahh the memories.

    Still got a IIgs with flight simulater and autoduel. Great system.

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