This PC Gaming Headset Will Make You Feel Like A Helicopter Pilot. I Promise.

Inspired by the headsets worn by some professional helicopter pilots when the perform whatever magic keeps those things from plunging into traffic, Razer's new BlackShark gaming headset sets itself apart from other gaming headsets by not looking like a toy. Seriously, look at this thing.

I actually tried on a pair of these back during E3, only then the wires were orange and the product was a Battlefield 3-branded affair. colour change aside, wearing it made me feel more like a chopper pilot and less like a dork in a chair (my default state). I spontaneously sprouted a mustache, aviator glasses and a ball cap. I am not lying (he is lying a lot).

The sound isolation in the set is just superb. I wore it for the remained of my Razer appointment at E3, and can't recall a single thing that was said to me after I put it on. It's probably due to those hard plastic ear cups, like a pair of enormous shiny beetles burrowing into your ears, laying eggs of sweet, sweet sound and larva.

I am not good with analogies. Also, the boom mic is detachable, like a thing that comes apart from a larger thing.

The Razer BlackShark sells for $US119.99, which isn't bad at all compared to the price of a helicopter. You should go look at it.

And I promise that if you get one and it doesn't make you feel like a helicopter pilot, I will personally sit in my chair and wonder what the hell that has to do with me.


    I would prefer it in the orange, can I get them in orange?

      Nevermind, yes I can for $10 more................

    Definitely doesn't make me feel like a helo pilot

    They look cool but do they sound better than less cool looking ones for the same price?

    Paid ad.

      I wish they'd be more reputable and actually announce when these articles are paid for. Sure it's pretty obvious at times, but they need to be upfront about it.

    but how do they fare for glasses-wearers?! I am sick of headphone headaches >.

    It's a shame it's made by Razer.

    It needs to come with a '13' month warranty....

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