Sony’s INZONE Gaming Headsets Aren’t Designed For PlayStation, Which Is Weird

Sony’s INZONE Gaming Headsets Aren’t Designed For PlayStation, Which Is Weird

The new Sony INZONE range of gaming headsets could easily be mistaken for PlayStation gear … except for the fact that they have nothing do with PlayStation at all.

Sony’s new range of gaming headphones is expressly for PC users. The range, called INZONE, reflects a similar aesthetic to the PlayStation 5’s official Pulse 3D wireless headset, but is not in any way related to the PlayStation brand.

The question, of course, is why the hell not?

My guess is that it has to do with avoiding brand confusion in a crowded peripheral market. My assumption is that Sony doesn’t want a PlayStation logo on the box. This, I expect, is an effort to prevent people confusing INZONE for a PlayStation headset. Maybe they do actually work with a PlayStation! I don’t know, I haven’t had the opportunity to review one yet. Speculation about Sony’s internal reasoning aside, it is weird to design gaming headsets that could easily sit alongside the Pulse 3D and not use the power of your internationally recognised and respected gaming brand.

The Sony INZONE range is coming to Australia in late July and will come in three flavours. The entry-level wired INZONE H3 will run you $AU149.95, the mid-tier wireless INZONE H7 is $AU349.95, and the high-end wireless INZONE H9 comes in at $AU449.95.

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