Turn On Your Light Switch With An Arcade Stick. This Is Living.

I think we all have a hollow piece in the centre of our soul. A hole in our hearts that can only be filled by a light switch that takes the shape of a Joystick and makes lots of cool noises. I cannot, and will not, be happy until I have installed this in every room of my house.

I don't know if my wife will approve, but how cool is this? Maybe in a game's room or something, or if you have kids? Man, I want one of these. IT MAKES COOL NOISES!

Thanks Gizmodo!


    Sorry Mark, Mike beat you to it


    Yeah, twice this article has been posted on Kotaku now... Awkward

    Does it say 'Ha-Do-Ken' if you do a quarter-circle and hit punch?

    I'll install it for you mark if you give me awesome games!!! hahahaha

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