Uncharted 3's Multiplayer Will Soon Look Very Different, If You Like To Experiment

Most of the changes in the big new patch for Uncharted 3 include the things you'd expect: new items, new taunts, balance tweaks, etc. A lot of it is goofy. But this... this shot here is a look at the new "block mesh maps" that will be added, post-patch, to the game's Lab, the experimental wing (read: playlist) of Uncharted 3's multiplayer offerings.

It's optional, of course. You won't have to play the block mesh maps if you prefer the standard look of the game. But if you do play them, let us know if you see a woman named Faith running across the rooftops. We here at Kotaku miss her.

UNCHARTED 3 Version 1.13 is Naughty Dog's Biggest Patch Ever [PlayStation Blog]


    Why oh why is the bloody DLC so expensive!

      My thoughts exactly! The whole thing is just to get more money. There's almost no free new stuff that isn't damn near impossible to get.

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