Until Dawn Is A Gorgeous Horror Game That Uses PlayStation Move

There's a new horror game coming to PlayStation 3 called Until Dawn. It's sort of built like a teen horror movie; you play as seven characters that you have to keep alive throughout a long night.

I'd be more excited if it didn't use PlayStation Move.


    That last sentence... You and me both.

    This is like a shit Facebook status update. Lift your game you lazy sods.

    Is this an article, or are you merely describing the single screenshot you have of this game?

    Aren't there 8 characters...?

    And does anyone give a shit? It's PlayStation Move. Did ANYONE buy that thing..?

      Yeah some people did

      And they played Heavy Rain, Deadstorm Pirates, Raizing Storm, Overkill and HOTD3/4 with it and had a lot of fun.

      Try playing HR with the move - hell of an experience

    ^The difference between me and you guys as 'gamers'.

    Who gives a shit if the game is with Move or not, it's the game that counts, if it's good then well..good, if it's crap then it's crap. A controller is hardly enough from keeping me away from a new title, especially if it's good, pity that's a hurdle for most apparently.

      The worst thing is this 'article' doesn't explain anything about the game itself or how the move will be implemented. I thought the move worked well in killzone 3 with the sharpshooter, and was great in heavy rain. It didn't work so well in infamous 2 but wasn't that bad. In a teen horror movie game who knows how well it could work, its not exactly a well trod genre, so i'm quite intrigued. But without any further insight from this supposed reporter/journalist I guess I'll just go somewhere else for information. If I wanted to read shitty status updates all day long I'd join twitter.

      If I wanted a Move I'd play Wii

    the Move isn't a crap controller, it's just been poorly implemented in almost every game. That one where you move blocks around was a really effective demo of what it could do, very cool.

    Tell us more about the game dammit.

    Also the move is alright, playing killzone 3 with it is a million times better than using analog sticks, much more like a mouse but even more intuitive. I don't really like FPS at all (killzone being the exception because I like the art style) and I loved playing it with the move, so that's gotta say something.

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