Wait... Could Half-Life 3 Be Making An Appearance At Gamescom? [UPDATE: It's A No Go]

According to the official Gamescom list of games set to appear at the show in Germany, Half-Life 3 will be there. Is this some kind of elaborate prank? Is this real life?

It was T3 that initially spotted it, writing up this story. Could it be? Could it finally be.

Gamescom officially kicks off tomorrow, but there are a couple of Press Conferences scheduled, one of which is EA's. EA actually distributes Valve's box copies in some regions, so Half-Life 3 could be announced then and there. Could.

I'm witholding hype for now, mainly because this could be a mistake. In fact there are about a million different explanations for this.

Hold me.

UPDATE: Eurogamer has confirmed that, sadly, the Half-Life 3 listing was indeed a mistake. No explanation was given as to why the game was listed. Shame.


    Source 2 was just announced, this is probably real. Halflife 2 was a showcase for SOURCE, so HL3 will be the SOURCE 2 showcase. Look forward to it :)

      I am pretty sure Source 2 wasn't just announced.

        Sorry my bad, wasnt officially announced, but references to it was found in their movie maker coding and a few other things... they recently added at the end of their Source blurb on the valve website for Source 'Source is considered the most flexible, comprehensive, and powerful game development environment out there. And it’s about to get even better.'

        Coding references found:

        I don't for one believe Ep3 is going to be released. Just Halflife 3. I do believe Source 2 is in the works, I do believe this fully, and I also believe HL3 will be the centerpiece for it. It was done with Source and likely be repeated for Source 2.

    I think Gabe is trolling us again

      Like this; http://youtu.be/d6NH-z7CgPU

    There's a few other problems with the list(no "Remember Me" under Capcom, for instance), even though it is an official one, so I'm going with the highly sceptical approach.

    If this be true... I wonder if the Internet will explode?

    Poor Valve. At this point, unless it's literally the greatest game ever to be released (and I'm not saying it won't be, necessarily), the hype for this game is going to be impossible to live up to.

    Yeah, i wouldn't get to excited.


    A bit more confirmation here from Lamba Generation, http://lambdageneration.com/posts/half-life-3-confirmed-to-be-revealed-at-gamescom-2012/

    Phoned them and they said every game on the list will be there

      So this is one of three things, the biggest mistake ever, the biggest prank ever or the best news ever

        Or all 3 somehow..

        None of the three, sorry. Little bit of a prank, and big mistake, but I think biggest mistake would have to go to several near-misses in the Cold War.


    Only available on Mac.

      I have a Mac, i'm set!

        Bigger surprise! Only available on Android! Wouldn't THAT cause people to shit bricks...

          DAMN IT! I don't have an Android device.

          Ouya Exclusive! Now you know why there's no Valve box.

    Of couse there will be a denial it would ruin thes surprise otherwise.

    I dont believe any Half Life related rumor until it comes straight out of Valve.

    i'd actually expect a hl3 announce in within the next year, when was ep 2? long enough ago that hl3 could brew in valve for almost long enough.

      I think Ep 2 was released in 2007...damn that's 5 years already. Doesn't feel like that long

    They said the LISTING was a mistake. That doesn't have say anything about whether it's true or not.

    In fact, I think that the event organisers refusing to elaborate further is telling.

    Hmm, me thinks Gamescom is falsely advertising to attract more peoples.

    Gabe! Come awn

    half life 3 is dead, let's all move on.

    you understand right that its not happening now because of this leak

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