We Didn't Expect To Get A Super Nintendo Cartridge In The Mail Last Week

That Super Nintendo box isn't real. Neither is the cartridge. I can see how you might be confused: when we got this package in the mail last week, it looked more than authentic enough to trigger some emotional reactions from those of us who spent our formative years with Nintendo's 16-bit gaming console.

In the box was a music album and a letter. Here's what it said:

I hope this gets to the right person, someone who loves SNES as much as I do. :)

My name is William Kage. I'm a 27-year-old programmer who grew up playing Squaresoft SNES games. Since those days in the mid-90s, I've always wanted to make music in that style. This year, I took a lot of chances, used some ad credits I had saved up, and set out to make a name for myself as a SNES composer.

This is my custom package for my album. I wanted fans of those 90s gems to be able to enjoy ripping open a sealed SNES box, without the guilt of ruining a precious artifact. I don't have a marketing team, web developer, graphic artist, or anything ... it's just me doing everything. So this was my crazy idea, to do something special, and try to stand out.

It stood out. So I followed up with Kage: this morning he told me that fans can order this packaging — as well as standalone copies of his CD — on his website for $US25. You can also listen to sample tracks here. Nostalgia overload.


    Now let's just hope someone has a NTSC SNES to run this bad boy on :P

      I do own a NTSC SNES. 60hz FTW :)

      The SNES is still one of the best consoles ever to be released.

    And how many of us will instinctually blow in the end even though we're not plugging it into anything???

    Ive still got my ntsc to pal converter if you need one :)

      Be careful with those they can overheat the system.

    Is it just me, or is the music really lame?..

      I too think it is crap

        I'm six tracks in and I can't stand it, it's horrible.
        I hope he's a better programmer than he is composer.

          Wow. The internet is such a nice place. What gives you guys the right to insult someones work? Can you do any better?

            What, I'm not allowed to criticise someone who made their work open to the public?
            Of course I can't do better (at the music), I never claimed I could. But I could probably code circles around him.

              Obviously legally you are allowed to criticise someones work, but why go out of your way to do it? Whats the benefit for yourself?

                Probably for the same reason you feel the need to defend him?

                  As someone who has been an self taught composer and producer, cut the guy a little slack. Writing music is not an easy task (way more than it seems) and you have to write a lot of shit music before you write anything good.
                  I commend this guy for having the balls to put his music out there like this and take a big risk in doing so. I'm doing the same thing myself raising funds for my pozible campaign (there was a Kotaku article a few weeks back about it) and I have to say the naysayers clamoring to declare things as 'shite' was probably the reason I held off on going all out a long time ago.

                  You're welcome to dislike his music... just say it and move on. Don't pay the poor guy out as a result of it.

    I find the music very average.

    And I think the title HalFont is really middle of the road. The word Font should never be used unless it refers to typography.

    HalFont gives the otherwise very cool look of the SNES packaging the feel of being a word processing application for the SNES.

    And the vague suggestion of Half Life only confuses matters even further.

    The only really good thing about the idea at all, is that of presenting it like a SNES game cartridge and box.

    Unfortunately, the music doesn't even sound like a SNES score... sooo....

    All the best anyway, mate. Onwards and upwards!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oTzxyFWDyE&feature=related ahhhhh so much better

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