What Should We Do With The $300 Chess Street Fighter Chess Set From Capcom?

The other day, an EA spokesperson invited me to go to Germany to go to some Porsche driving school in order to, in a roundabout way, play more of the next Need for Speed. (I declined.) Today, Capcom sent me a really heavy box. A $US300 chess set was in it. Yes, it's cool. No, it wasn't necessary.

I usually refrain from posting the expensive stuff we're sent. Often, I just throw it out. Or give it away. This one, however, kept making people in the office gawk (no pun intended), so I figured you should see it, too. Some will saw we should do a charity auction, but that's more free publicity and plays into the swag-mailing-turns-into-a-post problem. Others might suggest we send it back, but this thing is heavy and I'd rather not waste budget. So... what to do?


    well what you should do is hit yourself across the face with it for wasting $300 on a chest set :P

      They were given it by Capcom, they didn't go and buy it.

    Sorry but you left yourself wide open.

    In the pooper.

    Post it to me

    Stick it in storage. Wait until the publicity around Street Fighter has died down, then unveil it as a prize or auction it off.

    individually post single pieces out to any entrees.
    One day might be able to host a get together chess game.

    how is $300 a waste on a badass chess set? i would HAPPILY seperate with $300 or more for a set like that, and if anything the weight of the thing only adds to the baddassery

    Send it my way! would be happy to cover the costs of postage and the product!

    stick them up your butt, then pretend u're giving birth

    Maaaaan, as a chess and video game nerd that chess set is badass! I'd say offer it as a prize for a comp, I'd have a crack at winning it.

    challenge people in the office to chess! bet lunch or something. Expand your minds!

    Chess tournament.
    Finalists play on the board.
    Winner keeps it

    What is wrong with your camera's focus?

    There's no point in a video such as this one, trying to show the details of pieces, when it's out of focus so much of the time.

    No offence, but you should have reshot the video. I didn't get to the end.

    I'll buy it for $350 even plus pay postage lol

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