Who Else Saw Ace Attorney At The Melbourne International Film Festival?

Thanks entirely to the kindness of a stranger, last night I was able to see Ace Attorney at the Greater Union on Russell St in Melbourne, its showing a part of this year's Melbourne International Film Festival. In a nutshell, I really enjoyed it... and I'm guessing a few readers took the opportunity to check it out also.

The lines to get in were nuts. I had an inkling it'd be popular, but I had no idea just how packed it would be. Fortunately, I had a seat right up the back, but I think I got sympathy neck pains from those in the front rows.

I'm not going to write a full review, that's already been handled by the US guys, but I am happy to share my thoughts, from the perspective of someone who's never played the games.

It was one of the better films I've seen this year, including the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus. It wasn't without its flaws, however — it could easily have been 30 minutes shorter with tighter editing.

The first half and a bit rocks along at a great pace; the humour, action and exposition are portioned scrumptiously. Then, perhaps two-thirds the way through, everything grinds to a near-halt and the once frantic and hilarious courtroom scenes are suffocated by layers of dialogue. The story, and eventual denouement, are hand-feed to the audience in painfully serial fashion. This wouldn't be so bad, except each twist — and the ending itself — is easy to spot, long before it arrives on the screen.

That said, I haven't laughed so hard at the cinema in a while and if given the chance, I'd watch it again. Anyone else head out last night to see it?

Thanks to the stranger who was able to provide me not only with a ticket, but a great seat also. Kudos to you, guy!


    dear sbs, can you plz get the live action series & show it after mythbusters

    The tickets sold out too quick so i missed out.

      Me too... and I thought I was pretty fast!

    I did, loved it. Also quite enjoyed the people yelling out when the reels didn't change over during the middle of the film.
    Completely agree about everything said, The film was far better then it should have been, and my chest was hurting from having laughed so much.

    Logan, we're you the gentleman who came in with an Asian friend and let in by me with the Afro style hair 30 seconds after the movie started?

    Sitting in the back row in the centre. If that was you then damn hahaha

    I read Kotaku every day :D

    Don't suppose there's been any mention on when/if other states will have it shown?

      it's out on bluray on the 22nd of this month, so shouldn't be hard to import a copy

    yeah, took 2 friends, who knew nothing about it or videogames in general, who both really enjoyed it.

    but buttnumbing at 135 minutes though!

    The movie was amazing. Best I've seen all year, and I reeeeaally liked Ted. Even my friend who had no idea who Phoenix was loved it, although she could tell she was missing jokes.

    I hope Madman gets the license soon so I can buy a bluray, I doubt the Japanese release will have English subs.

    If tickets to Thursday's session weren't so unlikely to not be sold out, I'd go back again with more friends.

    Also i had the worst seat in the house. Front left corner. At least I could lean against the wall. :/

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