Yakuza 5 Will Let You Dance Fight, And I For One Am Cool With This

This is a fact — I have never lost a dance battle, and I never will. Please, come at me. I will bury you with my fully sick robot, then stomp the ground firm with my half arsed moonwalk. Now it looks like Yakuza 5, in addition to regular fighting, will have dance fighting, wherein combatants get jiggy for full dance superiority. I approve of this move. Wholeheartedly.

Apparently Famitsu has full details on all the ins and outs of Yakuza's dance battle system. You can dance to hip-hop, jazz, house, 'idol' and rock. Build up your meter enough and you can bust out a 'heat' move — which I'm assuming is a bit like my robot, which I frequently bust out if I feel as though I'm losing the crowd.

At the end of the battle, you'll be judged by the audience and given 'expression power' if she wins.

This is great stuff.

Yakuza 5 Battle System Has Major Updates [Andriasang]


    Well Sleeping Dogs has Karaoke so this seems fitting.

      Don't all the Yakuza games have karaoke as well as a more complex dating system that justifies it's existence.

      Not that I'm a fan of Yakuza, which I wish was more like the rather good Sleeping Dogs. But the dating sidemission business was pretty pointless because it was so incredibly shallow. I'm glad they didn't take the GTA IV route with it, but damn.

        Yeah, i was playing last night and all of a sudden Wei was mad because the girl you sung 30 seconds of Karaoke with is apparently cheating on you...wut? We were dating? But i am glad that i dont have a retarded cousin ringing me to play darts mid mission.

        Not entirely pointless, the minimap rewards for the mission are very useful. But I See your point.

          Here's the thing, you date the American and get the jade statues on your map. Then you meet Not Ping and you can't date her until you date Tiffany which puts what, the healing shrines on your map?. Then you cheat on Tiffany with Not Ping to get CCTV cameras on your map. Then Tiffany and Not Ping dump you because in retrospect you didn't just date - you apparently slept with them? That didn't become apparent to me until the Russian girl, because I just assumed there'd be more to it than one activity and a cut away where it's implied you have sex!

    Fun, can't wait!!

    Has an english release been confirmed for this?

    This article doesn't leave me feeling very hopeful.


      Pretty sure I read somewhere it was confirmed. Also, I'd take everything said in that article with a grain of salt. Not only has it already been proven that Sega are pursuing more than the 4 IPs, but the date it was posted also hints at how legitimate it actually is. ^^

    I do hope we see a Western release of this game. I'm a big Yakuza fan

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