You Might Finally Get To Use Your Game Boy During Take-Off

You Might Finally Get To Use Your Game Boy During Take-Off

The Federal Aviation Administration has for years been the enemy of gamers, with its weird rules that electronic devices had to be shut down during take-off and landing, despite a complete lack of evidence they do anything of the sort.

Mercifully, it looks like the body might be on the brink of lightening up, with the FAA yesterday announcing plans to get a committee together to take another look at the need for restrictions on the use of mobile phones, laptops and portable gaming systems on flights.

If it does decide to let customers use such devices, awesome! Well, for Americans. It’s a regulation that applies pretty much worldwide, so my fellow non-American readers, we can only hope that if the US drops the ban, other nations swiftly follow suit.

The FAA Might Finally Let You Play Your Handheld During Takeoff [IGN]


  • honestly, as long as it isn’t emitting radio waves for communication, it really shouldn’t be a risk of radio signal issues anyway, as most sources of radio waves that aren’t for communication are shielded these days anyway, moreso on things that use stuff like wifi and mobile networks for communication.

  • The unofficial reason is that takeoff and landing are the most likely times for a plane to crash, and if it does they don’t want people with shit in their hands

      • Tray tables should be folded away and window shutters should be up during take-off and landing…

    • Another fascinating note: you know that “brace” position they tell you to get into if they’re crashing? It helps you die quicker, it’s actually a way to help you die a less painful way.

      • Been reading too many tinfoil hat stories there?

        Aside from the fact its already been debunked by Mythbusters. The whole point of the brace position is to “brace” your body before the impact to reduce flailing around during the point of impact. Keeping your body steady and together means a reduced chance of sustaining injuries.

        There’s actually reports/accounts of survivors from aircrashes who have said that they managed to get out because the brace position reduced their injuries so that while injured they were still mobile and able to get out of the plane.

  • They act like the wires are unshielded and easily effected by any and all electronics. Surely any device designed to be used by the general public designed with other nearby electronics involved, otherwise everytime I use my iPad at home I would have electrical interference with my TV or PS3.

    • I noticed that too. It’s the “despite a complete lack of evidence they do anything of the sort” part that isn’t connected to an implication that there is something they do.

  • Coming from a gamer who flies between LA and Sydney…

    It’s just take off and landing. Is there seriously a gamer out there who will throw a tantrum and scream like a child because they can’t play a game for five minutes? (Celebrities who believe they’re above the law aside…) You’re sitting inside 500,000 pounds of steel, electronics and jet fuel, and there’s only three or so people stopping all that from exploding. If they tell you to turn off all electronics… you fucking do it. None of this: “Durrr hurrr there’s no proof it’ll interfere lol”
    Besides, take off and landing is the best part of flying, that’s when you don’t look at a little screen.

    If for nothing else, do it for the stewardesses. They don’t want to start off their flight with some asshole who wants to debate them.

    • The thing is, the biggest tantrums I’ve seen are not from gamers, but those rich smug business men who cant put away their blackberry for 2 seconds or turn off their laptops – in my experience, they are the ones who complain that most!

  • I have a rather strong fear of flying so I desperately need to be listening to music to get through takeoff. Fortunately I haven’t crashed and/or died yet.

  • is it really that difficult to go without your phone or whatever you have for 10 minutes? is it really that necessary that you play? I think it is so inconsiderate to not be able to follow such a simple rule, whether or not it actually effects anything that is another debate though.

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