Your Big Phones Won’t Fit In Fallout 4’s Replica Pip-Boy

Your Big Phones Won’t Fit In Fallout 4’s Replica Pip-Boy

Briefly: According to a recently-updated post on the Bethesda Blog, the sought-after replica comes with inserts for iPhones 4 through 6 (not plus) and Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5, and a customisable insert for other average-size devices. Anything larger will need to ride outside or be in-advisably trimmed.


  • Didn’t think it would support the larger phones, I still have my S2 and S3 around somewhere


      Update: Only Xbox One units left.

      EB have more units available on their site. Probably won’t last long though.

      • Thanks! hopefully they release some more PS4 editions later to transfer my preorder over. Or maybe I can play the whole pickup on the day and be like; “hey what the fuck I ordered the PS4 one! you bastards I’m calling the police/consumer affairs/today tonight/your mum if you don’t give me what I want!!! Rarrrrr!!!!”

  • I think along with the list of iPhones 4 through 6 and Galaxy 4 and 5, the article also states that “similar sized android phones will fit”.
    Luckily, I kept my old Galaxy 4 so I’ll just leave that in there semi-permanently.

  • Good. We need to be size-shaming fat phones. The phablet is ridiculous (ie: doesn’t suit my tastes/needs) and that trend needs to die (in time for the iphone 7 because I’m afraid I’ll have a breakdown if I have to skip another iphone generation). If you’re going to have to carry something around in a bag or purse, then get a tablet already; a phone is something you should be able to carry in your pocket!

    • Funny story. I had a friend who bought a Galaxy Note, not realising that it wouldn’t fit in her favourite going out handbag.

      I laughed SO HARD when I realised this.

    • Lol it’s so true! I had to skip a gen as well because my tiny hands are perfect for the tiny iPhone and the bigger ones made me oh so sad 🙂

      • Not all of us have plus sized pants with pockets big enough to fit a phablet!

        BRING IT

        • If you can’t fit a slightly larger phone in your pocket maybe it’s time to face reality and accept you’ve gone up a pant size.

          • Considering I’d have to lose about 20 to get down to your level I’d say you’re doing okay.

          • @piratepete Ye… no.

            (In TAY we say ‘meat’ instead of ‘meet’, but when talking about losing weight, swearing off ‘meat’ wouldn’t make any sense at all.)

          • You missed the opportunity to say, “…only 5kg?” and push me over the edge to the point of demanding we see a counselor.

          • I thought about it but this way I can just buy you something pretty and we can move on.

        • They call the Galaxy S3 a phablet, apparently. Not sure I agree with that, and besides, it fits in my jeans pocket with plenty of room to spare.

          Also, can we ban the word ‘phablet’? It bugs me at all kinds of levels.

          • That means the word is doing its job. Shame! Shaaaaaaame! Regret your personal consumer decisions based on my standards!

        • When you’ve wrists thatre 4 inches across at 75kg you’ll learn a 4inch phone is freaking tiny. Last phone was a one max now s note 4, I use it like my missus uses her iPhone 5. I used to use my old nexus 7 almost one handed 😛

    • You and I tend to agree often. Massive screens are indicative of that classic PC gamer mindset: “Just because I can have something, it does mean that I should”. I also call it the Malibu Stacy’s New Hat phenomenon.

  • This just in: your tablet devices probably won’t fit either. Nor your PC monitor. Nor your car. Nor a Shetland pony. Nor will 13 average-sized marsupials. Just setting expectations.

    • Wait – will the pip-boy app be quokka-compatible, or is it only going to be out for numbats and quolls?

    • You also won’t be able to fit yourself inside your Pip-boy while also wearing your Pip-boy. Bethesda does not support non-euclidean physics.

    • Well that’s me out. Alternatively who comes from a country packed full of ponies to a non-pony country? It doesn’t make sense!!

  • Will have to see if I can somehow wedge my Xperia Z3 in there. Either the S4 or S5 is wider, but the Z3 is a smidgen longer. If it’s foam inserts, I might have to get creative. If not, I might have to get my old Galaxy S3 out and get a new battery for it. Considering it would leave my Z3 available for actually being a phone, this might be the better option

  • I went to EB yesterday hoping that they might have gotten a wave of cancellations from owners of larger phones, but sadly it was not to be. Even if they did, they would prioritise people who already hold preorders for the standard edition and I don’t intend to add my name to *that* list. If I’m going to wind up stuck with the standard edition, I might as well get it cheaper at JB.

    • Do it anyway. If you don’t get the special edition then make EB price match when you collect it (or just cancel it on release day).

      • Good point, but here’s a fun story: EB got more this morning. I dropped into the store closest to my work and once they were done calling their preorder customers they had one left – which is now mine.

    • I don’t think many would cancel just because their large phones don’t fit, I am getting the PipBoy more as collectors/display itrm

  • Someone please help me understand the fascination with this thing. $189 vs $69 for the base game. Pocket guide and steel case aside, people are willing to pay $120 extra for a crappy piece of plastic?

    I’ve collected a lot of stuff in the past and I’m a huge Fallout fan, but this is nuts…

    • The RRP in Australia is $100 for the standard edition and $190 for the collector’s edition. $90 extra, which includes metal case, pocket guide, poster and capsule container in addition to the Pipboy and stand. The Pipboy acts as a smartphone dock and has lights and reportedly the main knob at least works, possibly others. Taking away the value of the other stuff in it, the Pipboy (and stand) itself is probably only contributes about $60-70 of the value. At least part of that comes from limited supply. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to people individually I suppose. I’ll be picking one up.

      Those are the RRPs. If a store is discounting the standard edition and not the collector’s edition then that’s their choice but it’s not reflective of the intended value difference. For comparison, the US prices are $60 and $120.

      • I know ZJ, but I was comparing realistic prices. Many people now know that stores like BigW/JB/Target do games for $69 and that since this is an EB exclusive, the price is fixed at $190 with them.

        I still think it’s a crazy price for a piece of plastic that’s worth peanuts to manufacture. I agree though, it’s worth whatever people are willing to pay (which will probably be $300+ on eBay for those that miss out).

        • Ah yeah, I’d forgotten it was EB exclusive. Still, based on the price difference at EB and in the US, if it wasn’t exclusive shops selling the standard edition at $70 would probably sell the CE at $140-150 or so.

          I usually buy things like that from Amazon at US prices, because even after currency conversion and shipping it still ends up cheaper.

          • That’s a good idea. I got the Titanfall Collector’s edition that way. Still pricey, but was $130 odd cheaper than local prices even with delivery from the US.

        • There are people on Reddit working on a 3D printer build for the Pip-boy sleeve – and given that CEs have gone for >USD400, with a bit of model paint you might be able to make one for less than they’re selling for right now.

  • Looks like i have to keep my S4 when i can upgrade soon.

    EB Games has some more Pip-boys for pre-order at 10am AEST today so if you want one but didn’t get in quick enough get on it.

  • Kinda presumed this, I strapped my 6+ to my wrist and yeah, looks bigger than the images of the pipboy, shame but ah well I’ll just 3d print one.

  • I had my Pipboy edition preorder secured mere hours after it went online on EB’s site. Now maybe’s the time to get a mobile phone I guess. Never owned one.

    • Congratulations. I rarely walk out the door without at least three internet-capable devices on my person (and usually five).

      (The three are: smart phone, tablet, iPod Touch; and the extra two are a Vita and 3DS. I’m sure there are other people out there with a worse gadget habit… right?)

  • Well this sucks. I was all excited this morning when I managed to secure a preorder for the Pip-Boy, but I don’t have a spare phone lying around that I’ll be able to use it with.

    Oh well *looks sideways at eBay*

    • I know this is a stupid long time after you commented, but if you have the Pip-Boy Edition already, will your 5th gen iPod Touch fit? I’m wondering because I’m in the same predicament, where I’ll have to use my iPod Touch 5 as my “smartphone” in the Pip-Boy.

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