Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions Are Driving People Nuts

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions Are Driving People Nuts

It wasn’t long before the collector’s edition of Fallout 4 was sold out everywhere. It’s incredible.

On Sunday, Bethesda announced a special edition of Fallout 4, which will come packaged with a Pip-Boy replica that can hold smartphones inside of it. The idea being that players can download a special app and basically run around pretending they have a real-life Pip-Boy that also happens to cost $US119.99. Todd Howard, Fallout 4′s director, straight up called it a stupid gimmick.

“But as far as stupid gimmicks go, it’s the best f**king one I have ever seen,” Howard said during the Pip-Boy edition unveiling last Sunday. Of course, even if it is a hunk of plastic that most people may never actually use, people still really want it. And why not? Look at this thing:

We’ve gotten emails about it, there are plenty of threads around the web about the shortage, and one of the top Fallout 4 related Google searches right now is for the Pip-Boy edition. The frenzy is real, and some people are upset that the Pip-Boy sold out before they even got a chance to look at it.

Everyone wants to know how they can get their hands on a real-life Pip-Boy, and whether or not there’s a chance more of the Collector’s Edition will become available. Thankfully, the developers are aware of the situation and are working on it, according to Bethesda vice president Pete Hines.

It’s not a guarantee or anything, but it’s still good to know that Bethesda is looking into it. Here’s hoping they can make enough Pip-Boys to quench the thirst of all the Fallout fans that want this thing.


  • Stupid gimmick he says.

    That’s the whole point of collectibles. And yet they still attract so much want!

  • Pretty sure the stupid gimmick statement was in reference specifically to the 2nd screen experience of the app. Saying that loads of people do them and they’re nothing more than a stupid gimmick, but this one was the best of the lot.

  • Well, now that the special edition is sold out I no longer have any reason to have my soon to be preorder with the most expensive games retailer in Australia.

    • I went back and forth e-mailing EB Games for a couple of days and was eventually told that any pre-orders made before sometime on Tuesday afternoon will be ‘guaranteed’.

      Mine being a Monday afternoon pre-order, means I am a lucky one.. but I still don’t trust them.

      • Hmm, i might need to give EB Games a phone tomorrow. I preordered my copy first thing Tuesday morning. Be good to have some sort of guarantee.

      • I kinda have 3 preordered. One I ordered ages ago and SHOULD be upgraded automatically, but I preordered at EBGames again AND on Amazon 😛

    • I always preorder with EB and then price match the lowest price. Local staff just tell me the lowest price when I come into pay now, sometimes even lower than what I had found myself.
      But EB TTP in SA are one of the good stores, there are some bad ones that try to get out of fully honouring the price match guarantee or even pre-order bonuses.

      • Sweet, I recently moved into that area (read a week ago) and was wondering how the local EB treated customers. My last one was complete shite. EB Sefton Park will often not take Target or Big Ws price points. I’m mostly digital these days, but the odd collectors edition tickles my fancy…

        • TTP is the EB to go to in our area – Stay away from Ingle Farm they are useless!
          Who woulda thought – two kotakuns talking about my suburb lol

          • Good to know as I’m closer to Ingle Farm, but it’s not like TTP is far away. Still under 5 mins.

  • Before this, I dont think Ive ever rushed out to pre order something. Certainly glad I did now as I already have the spot for it picked out in the games room.

  • its not like the thing sold out on the day or anything, it was available for pre-order for days after E3 from both ebgames and amazon. amazon have even had a second lot available.
    for those complaining sorry but you had plenty of time to pre-order.
    This is nothing compared to some, for instance borderlands 2 ultimate loot chest edition sold out the day it was announced.

    • Sounds to me like it’s the scalpers who had no idea it would be in such high demand are the ones complaining.

      Anyone who’s a fan of the franchise would have know the moment it was announced whether they would be buying one.

      • Not everyone has the internet plugged into their veins. I know some folks who missed out who really want one. This is shitty news. The fact that scalpers are involved is worse, but just because you don’t preorder on annoucement doesn’t mean you’re not a ‘true fan’.

      • I would like to point out that not all of us are spoiled little kids who gets their parents to buy everything they want, I have to pay bills, can you say the same? Not all of us have the money to buy a 120 dollar game immediately. I am a fan of fallout and have been since the first one, so dont you accuse me and everyone else who couldnt get one because little pansys like you and people who bought multiples to sell for a higher price on Ebay, of not being fans of a game that we all know and love.

  • Except not everyone would have the money to buy it right away. A couple days isn’t plenty of time, especially for those of us who have to wait a week for the next pay check.

  • It’s always hilarious to see people running around panicking about “shortages” on “limited editions”. That’s the WHOLE POINT! It’s like complaining about being hungry on a hunger strike. It’s the same every time a new AAA game comes along.

    The whole point is to make sure everyone acts exactly like this and to make others want it that much more. It’s such an artificial issue – all they have to do is create more “limited editions” or not make preorders available at such an early date when the hype is through the roof. They also need to be limiting supply to one per customer. In this day and age they know full well how much of a demand there’s going to be for stuff like this. People have no self control. Don’t buy stuff like this unless it’s available to everyone. Bethesda are the true scalpers.

    Scalpers are just a natural result of capitalism. But if you really think Bethesda cares, you’re naive. As long as they get their money somehow, why would they care?

    PS unlike a concert there isn’t a limit on space. You don’t really think this little piece of plastic costs them more then a few bucks to make do you? $10 to make, add the rest on because FALLOUT! BOOM $120!!!

    • Sure, let’s say it takes $10 to create one. Bethesda are making this product in a factory that they do not own, so they’re paying the price for material, production and maybe even storage. Then they need to ship the editions abroad, which is pretty expensive in itself. And they need to raise the price so they actually make a profit.

  • There are still some copies of the Xbox1 pip-boy edition on the French amazon site, looks like they do international shipping too (If you want the pipboy and case and steel disc jacket that badly, but i’d assume that the documentation that comes with it is all in french, as well as the game audio (unless they subtitle it), so you may as well sell those on ebay to recoup some of the costs, and hope someone in France stumbles across your sale item).

    It’d be nice if they print of an extra batch, or at least do an extra run of the pip-boys on their own as an optional game peripheral (I know you don’t necessarily need one to use the app, but it’d make a nice display or cosplay piece).

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll release some more onto the market over the next week, but i’m not very hopeful, I missed the most recent batch by a few hours.

  • Thanks EB staff memeber at TTP SA who bumped my preorder up to the limited edition because he knew I would want it! When I went in I was told they had already sold out, before the other staff member who had done my initial preorder gave me the good news!

  • Here in America at my Gamestop we limited the Pip-Boy editions to 1 per customer, even the employees can’t get more than one. If you have multiple pre-orders I or one of the other store managers will cancel it if Gamestop doesn’t already do that on there own..

  • Maybe the other ones are gimmicks but the fact that these sold out almost instantly and people really, really want them shows that this collectible is not a gimmick and a true collectible.

  • what if the pipboy edition gets batmobiled?
    yes that a thing now.
    awaiting meme.

  • Meh I missed out because my pay went in a day late lo – Kinda glad though…
    So many years of buying drones, rc xds, piles of SE maps I plan to frame just sitting around gathering dust! It’s all junk and the only thing I really get any use out of is the game!!!!

    Having said that I do have two kids now and my gaming room became a bedroom 18 months ago so…. I kinda have my setup in the dining room… Doesnt lend well to gaming junk all over the place!

  • Had my finger on the pre-order button for a while then I watched a video preview of the pip boy. I assumed the little knobs and such would do something, but nup.. can’t justify a $100 premium for a plastic cuffs. I’ll just play it with my phone on the lap I guess.

    • Everything I’ve read has said the opposite – it functions as a dock, the main knob and power light (at least) are run off it and the knob should interact with the software on the phone.

      • There was an interview right after the presentation with the LEDs turning on/off without a phone inside, so it’s not ‘plugged’ into anything. The knobs are just for show too, like one of those kids’ toy telephones. Interaction is via touchscreen and maybe gyro (screen on when flicked). For those missing out, a fitness arm band would have to suffice.

        • I’ve seen articles that say the main knob works and that it functions as a dock. We’ll have to wait and see when it comes out.

  • No it ain’t it shows.up on everyone else’s site but still sold out like every where else. If u want one be prepared to pay way more on ebay or hope they release more like they bare thinking about doing….

  • i want it, cause i simply love fallout.
    weather it has actually 0 purpose in my life OR NOT , i still fucking want it

  • I remember the days where it wasn’t a race to get these “Special Edition” games because they actually supplied enough. Now, it’s whoever is on a phone, tablet, or computer 24/7 constantly refreshing a retailers site and decides to preorder 10 of them. It’s extremely annoying that it’s not even nearing release date and it’s already sold out. Things should not sell out until after the game comes out. As long as there is demand, there should be supply.

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