A Game About One Of World War Two's Saddest Moments

The Warsaw Uprising was a tragedy. In August 1944, with the Red Army at the gates of the Nazi-occupied Polish capital, resistance fighters emerged to battle the Germans and help make their liberation a little easier.

But Soviet help never came. Stalin halted the Red Army on the outskirts of the city and ignored calls for help, while the Germans regrouped and systematically crushed the uprising.

It's a sad story in a war full of them, and a futile one at that, which doesn't make it sound exactly ideal for adaptation into a video, but Polish developers DMD Enterprise think otherwise.

They recently released Uprising44, a blend of shooter and strategy, which puts you in command of resistance fighters. While it looks...quaint, the subject matter will certainly make it worth a closer look for history buffs and those fed up with the same ol' focus on the "big" powers of the war.

Uprising44 [DMD, via PC Gamer]


    Now THIS is the REAL world war 2. No good guys. ONLY WINNERS.

    Russia and subsequently the US refused to help. Britain and her commonwealth did. Supplying the resistance by air. So goodguys equals Britain and Poland. Bad guys equals Nazi's Russia and Yanks .

      Only from a Polish or British point of view. Don't you see how relative "good guys" and "bad guys" are?

        Oh look, it's AussieSniper the fascist apologist. That's right kids, the holocaust was a 'relative' moral issue. AussieSniper can show you some webpages, complete with animated gifs, that will make you realise that the Nazi 'Final Solution' was in fact a good thing! That's assuming you believe the holocaust happened and no doubt he can show you more webpages with fascinating evidence to the contrary.

        Yes I do. But in anyones terms The nazis invaded poland. Full stop. YES BOTH the allies and axis committed atrocoties and I understand the victor writes history BUT in this instance. the commonwealth reacted to the invasion of a sovereign state (their ally) whilst the US and Russia did not. In fact the Russians went on a little genocidal payback of their own around the outskirts of warsaw and western russia. WTF are you talking about? or are you just trolling and about to launch into a load of nationalistic conspiracy shit? go on justify why the US, the germans or Russia -even in their eyes - are the' good guys' in this instance???? Churchill pleaded with stalin and roosevelt to help. stalin refused and roosevelt deferred to russia in advance of cutting up europe. So please continue Mr Sniper.......

    disturbed and intrigued by this game. certainly a different angle. hope its as good as the trailer.

    nicely said, too, luke.

    Looks a bit like Commandos with a bit of CoH and some FPS?

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