A PC Case That's Also A...Steam Train That Moves On Little Rails

Inspired by this? We can only dream it was.

Don't let the first moments of the video above fool you: this isn't just a PC in a stupid case. That stupid case moves, and chugs steam. Transforming it into something beautiful.

You can buy one that moves and one that doesn't move. The moving one costs $US380. I'm not going to tell you how much the static one costs, because if you're at all interested in buying one there's something wrong with you, and you need help, not pricing information.

Lian Li train inspired case steams into view [PC Gamer]


    I have seen this on PC Case Gear.


    once again luke's image name links to a description of luke hopwell, well done kotaku...

    Perfect timing, big picture just got release, I can finally build my Steam box... Literally!

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