Cosplaying As Shepard Is Easy. Try EDI Instead.

It was only yesterday we featured the Iron Woman cosplay of PaleFunnyGhost, but that was nothing compared to this.

She's also recently done some Mass Effect cosplay, and while everyone else is busy dressing up as Commander Shepard, she went for the less obvious (and difficult) route and dressed up as EDI.

The costume is made from lycra, fabric paint, and foam. Amazing stuff.

More pics at the link below.

Core Programming [DeviantArt, via TDW]


    I'd be more impressed if she dressed up as the Normandy, or as the floating white orb hologram of EDI.

    For a second i thought it was a statue or something, not bad, just need to make sure her face stay's motionless

    from the thumbnail before clicking on the article, i though it was an in-game screenshot! That is really good!

    Prequisite for EDI: Large bewbs.. I think she nailed it.

    Wow, i was looking for the cosplay outfit until realising the screenshot was the cosplay outfit, looks like came directly out of the game, nice work.

    Absolutely thought it was a screenshot. That's the goal of all cosplay.

    cept the real edi has a giant camel toe

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