'Easy Mode' Comment From Dark Souls Developer Was A 'Mistranslation'

Earlier this week, an interview with Dark Souls' director Hidetaka Miyazaki suggested that From Software was considering "another difficulty that everyone can complete" for its brutally-hard RPG. The comment circulated quickly around the internet and caused enough attention for Namco Bandai to issue a correction of sorts, stating that suggestions of an "easy mode" were a result of a "mistranslation".

Metro in the UK was the source of the original statement and interview and a follow-up story from the same outlet details Namco Bandai's response, which contains a "correct" translation of the director's comments.

For comparison purposes, here's the quote from the first story (emphasis mine):

"This fact is really sad to me and I am thinking about whether I should prepare another difficulty that everyone can complete or carefully send all gamers the messages behind our difficult games."

And here's the correctly-translated version from Namco Bandai (again, emphasis mine):

"This fact is really sad to me and I am thinking about how to make everyone complete the game while maintaining the current difficulty and carefully send all gamers the messages behind it."

Metro isn't exactly buying what Namco Bandai is selling, but there's not much that can be done now to discern the true intentions of Miyazaki's words. Forbes feels he may have simply been thinking out loud, or the developer's words were "poorly phrased".

While it's possible the publisher took the opportunity to "correct" Miyazaki by claiming he was mistranslated, it's really neither here nor there. Namco Bandi and From Software have submitted their formal response to the media and that response says there are no plans to introduce "another difficulty". If they go back on this in the future, sure, whip out the virtual pitchforks, but for now, the argument is basically dead in the water.

Miyazaki backtracks over Dark Souls Difficultly Level [Metro]


    I expect if this gets any traction that there's one or two people around who speak Japanese and dont work for From and can confirm the original intent.

      If I remember correctly Aidan was doing a dual Chinese/Japanese language degree, he brought it up on TAY some time back! Maybe it's like Sloane's 'error' on The Newsroom. :P

        (Although I don't think the actual Japanese text has been linked any where. :S)

          It'd be easy to check, if the original Japanese was up somewhere.

          I'm nowhere near fluent but I really doubt whether anybody could confuse the translation of 'another difficulty' versus 'the current difficulty' (or 'prepare' vs 'maintain') - they're totally different concepts and different words in Japanese.

            Also, it looks like Namco were using their own translator to conduct the interview, I doubt there'd be a copy of the Japanese anywhere (especially if the journalist just recorded the translator's English).

    Will an easy mode affect anyone though...? All the fans will still play it on the same difficulty, I don't see the issue.

      That's what I was thinking... if you were a diehard fan who loved the difficulty, just don't play it on that mode? It seems a little over the top to be upset over something like that lol

      There's a little more to it than that. Because game mechanics like bloodstains, player messages and summons are designed to a very specifically tuned difficulty, taking away that difficulty makes them redundant and contradicts the game's own premise. A big part of the game is the community involvement - players learning from each others mistakes and calling upon each other for assistance. An easier difficulty will make that completely unessential and much less of a central feature.

    The thing is if people play it on "easy" the game won't be the same. It's not that people want to maintain their little elitist club or somethin, just us fans want everyone to experience the game as is because the difficulty is one of the things that makes the game what it is. A dangerous, lethal atmosphere where you can die at the drop of a hat and say bye bye to all your progress....That's the very essence of the game. If an easy mode were created it wouldn't be the same game.

    Well thats my 2 cents anyway :)

      I totally agree! If there was an easy mode, almost everyone would knock out this game in a few hours. You wouldn't need to spend as much time finding stronger items or new sorcery to take down a boss. With less loading screens (because of fewer deaths) you would also miss out on a heap of lore that you can simply read on the item descriptions that come up. All of this on top of what Nick said about player interactions, I think you'd be throwing away the core aspect of the game...

    I tried to like the game, played it for longer than I wanted to actually, but it was just boring. I don't understand all the lovers of doing the same stuff again if you die. Have hard checkpoints fine, but having to run for ages, kill easy things and run more to get back to you were us not challenging. Just boring. Difficulty settings would not help that much af all.

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