Finally, A Battlestar Galactica Game Worthy Of The Name

Finally, A Battlestar Galactica Game Worthy Of The Name

Actual Battlestar Galactica games have been pretty awful. Most fan-made mods never end up being finished. But Diaspora, one of the more promising attempts to put players in the cockpit of a Viper (or a Raptor), has actually made it to the finish line, and is now available for download.

You should get it. Now. Because it’s fantastic!

Having been in development for four years, it’s built on the bones of classic old space shooter Freespace 2, but you won’t need the original to play it; everything you need is in the one download, which you can get free of charge from the project’s site.

It’s not without its share of problems – like an excruciating tutorial – but stick with it and you get an authentic Battlestar experience many AAA developers would struggle to attain. The first time you shoot out of a launch tube into a sea of Basestars and missiles you’ll have to work hard to get the smile off your face.

Diaspora has both a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer, as well as an included mission editor. You can get it for Windows, Mac and Linux at the link below.

Diaspora [Release Build]


    • It is a fantastic board game, although can go a little long and sometimes it seems like there is not much to do. The expansions can fix that.
      Interested in the video game and I’ll try and check it out soon. With multiplayer it might be good for lans.

  • Any idea how big it is, mission wise? I played the demo and I enjoyed it. I thought BSG was prime material for games with mods like this and the absolutely excellent Homeworld 2 mod.

  • Ah damn it… there goes any productivity I planned to find this weekend.

    Frakking Cylons just don’t know when to quit. Saddle up!

  • It seems it’s built on the old Freespace 2 engine, it’ll be interesting to see how it’s aged after all this time (and what improvements they have made to it). Time to break out the old flight stick!

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