Freddie Mercury As An Angry Bird Is Both Wonderful And Weird

I'll be honest, I like Angry Birds. And of course I like Queen. But I'm really not sure how I feel about the two of them together.

Rovio evidently envisions the late Queen front man as a yellow bird, complete with fabulous crown and mustache. The king pig is right to wilt in sad shame by comparison.

The somewhat strange video is for a good cause, though. The Mercury Phoenix Trust, an organisation that fights AIDS worldwide, encourages "Freddie for a day" on September 5, his birthday. As they explain, "It's a laugh. It's an amazing way to bond with total strangers, to have fun and to raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust."

Nice of the more-smug-than-angry birds to play along.

Angry Birds join Freddie For A Day! [YouTube, via The Mary Sue]


    Strangely excellent!
    Love the 'Freddie grin' at the end

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