GTA IV Brings The Curtain Down On Gangnam Style Videos

OK, I think we've all had just about enough of this Gangnam Style business. So let's tie it all off neatly with what really should have been the first video game parody of the lot: Grand Theft Auto IV's.

GTA IV — GANGNAM STYLE [YouTube, via Rockstar]


    That has to be the best thing I've seen in a while!


      I'm guess that's a pain in the arse to do in GTAIV sadly..

      Niko looks like a spastic and it's hilarious.

      The dance is even more hilarious than the original!

    Sux - like Plunkett :P

    Now I have to remove this from my Youtube history >

    THis has NOTHING on the Deadpool version!

    I think there's some irony in this post, considering Gangnam Style videos are relatively recent, while we've been getting GTA4 articles for weeks now.

    Not that I'm complaining - I love them both!

    Had to watch the deadpoll version again after this hehe

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