Guy Redesigns Rare NES Model For His Steampunk-Loving Nephew

Though collectors everywhere feel a pang in their sides from seeing the rare sight of a Top Loader edition NES (NES-101) so brutally redone, everyone else can lean back and enjoy this beautiful reconstruction.

Reddit user Andrew5785 took his old NES, and turned it into something a little more steampunky for his nephew. Head over to the link below to see the design process, though you probably can't tell he rewired the power switch to the side.

Steam-Punk Nintendo: Built this for my nephew that likes steam-punk and wanted my old Nintendo. [Reddit]


    I have one of these top loader NES consoles, complete with dogbone controller, but would gladly swap it for a regular old boxy NES any day. Cool mod though!

    Would like to know if those copper tubes are for water cooling or just aesthetic

      aesthetic, there's no way in hell a normal person would water cool a nes

    I wouldnt say the top loader was rare, i had a few of them

    Other than the controller ports looking out of place, I don't mind this.

    Also, the NES-101s aren't all that rare, they're just more reliable, thus more sought after.

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