Hey, It's Ico On A Sony Dude's Vita

Shuhei Yoshida is a Sony dude. The guy oversees all of Sony's software development. When he's not doing that, he's using the internet to tweet and post photos. Photos like this.

This is classic PlayStation 2 game Ico running on Yoshida's Vita. It might not be his Vita — it could be someone else's. But, yes, it sure is Ico!

This is a not-so-subtle hint that Ico, which was re-released in HD on the PS3, is getting PS Vita enabled remote play. Here, Yoshida is testing it out.

"We are almost ready with a patch," added Yoshida. "Beautiful on OLED. More info soon."

!? and Sorry to tease... [@yosp]


    Or maybe it's a PS2 classic...

    Oy my frigggin God! This is one of those series' which makes me sad that I don't have a PS3.

    Please just release the HD collection on the Vita standalone. I want to play this anywhere, I don't want to be restricted to my house. I can see some great multiplalyer applications for the remote play though. Say 4 friends each have a Vita. They can own have their own player view and what not. Would be epic. But yeah release this HD Collection standalone PLEASE!

    PS2 classics on the Vita would be awesome.....
    Especially if they actually started releasing more PS2 Classics on the Australian PSN...

      To be fair, we have A LOT of PS2 games on the PSN in Australia - more than the US does, but the quality of them leaves a lot of be desired....

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