PS Vita To PS3 Connectivity Was Driven By Developers, Could Mean Wii U Style Experiences For Sony's Console

Perhaps the most potentially compelling argument for owning a PlayStation Vita, Sony's recently renamed NGP handheld, is how beautifully it can play with the PlayStation 3. Connectivity between Sony's two consoles was driven by developers prototyping for the Vita, the company says, and may eventually lead to the system doing a fairly good impression of Nintendo's new Wii U.

"It has been [an]interesting development, from the bottom up almost," says Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment's worldwide studios, of Vita to PS3 connectivity. "We tried to have connectivity between PSP and PS3 in the past, but our developers had a little bit of a tough time [with it]other than sharing some data or to unlock something."

Yoshida, who manages first-party party game development for PlayStation, told Kotaku at E3 2011 that cross-platform connectivity happened without corporate directive. It was Sony's game developers who started experimenting with the possibility, somewhat to Yoshida's surprise.

"The Wipeout team showed us [that connectivity]working between PS3 and Vita, and I was like 'Oh, really?'" Yoshida said, laughing. The studio currently has the PS Vita game Wipeout 2048 interacting with the already released PlayStation Network game Wipeout Fury, letting players on different systems race against one another.

Another title, Ruin, which Sony unveiled at its media briefing on Monday, started its life as a PS Vita game, but the team behind that game then decided to do a PS3 version as well, exploiting the PlayStation Network's cloud saving functions.

"Now we are talking about how to deliver these two different versions to consumers," Yoshida says of the games designed to work on PS3 and Vita, "hopefully, in a financially beneficial way for people who want to play on both consoles."

"We didn't really push this to third party publishers, but it was people like Mr Kojima, who came up with the intriguing 'Transfarring' system," Yoshida adds, speaking about the cross-platform Metal Gear games Konami recently announced. "He's talked about cloud gaming with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the Vita just provided that opportunity for them."

Yoshida says that kind of connectivity is something Sony will rally behind. "We've been supporting it. It has been our plans to connect all the platforms through PSN."

Mr. Yoshida says that type of connectivity through the PlayStation Network could also mean dual-screen experiences on the PlayStation 3, played via the PS Vita. I asked him about Sony's ability to replicate the dual-screen play of Wii U after Nintendo's media briefing and if the company's Remote Play technology could offer consumers a reasonable facsimile of that.

"Remote Play, like PlayStation Network for PSP, it wasn't in the grand scheme of things when the PSP was developed," Yoshida said of the technology that streams content, including some video games, from the PlayStation 3 to the PSP wirelessly. "There are some latency issues that are natural to that system, especially going through the internet. It's very interesting how Nintendo has solved the latency issues between the second screen and the main console output."

"PS Vita has been designed after [the advent of]Remote Play, so going forward our design will allow developers to make connectivity easier between platforms," he said.

"You know, everybody looks at what everyone else is doing, most recently with the development of casual games on tablets and iPad. It's great, it's intuitive. So [Nintendo]must have looked at what Apple has been doing," Yoshida said. "We can incorporate whatever makes sense for the system."


    F*ck Sony. As soon as I saw the Nintendo press conference I knew this would be the next big Sony idea. Can't they just do their own thing for five minutes? I respect Microsoft far more than those leeches at Sony

      It isn't new...

      PSP had RemotePlay which allowed users to play PS3 games on the PSP through WiFi.

      And Dreamcast already had screens on the controllers.

      I think what Sony is doing is completely separate to what nintendo is doing, and I don't think they are intending to compete with what nintendo is doing. But they will support developers in cross compatibility and what not

      That shallow attempt at subtly will not hide your xbox 360 fanboyism dmag. How about we just enjoy our games instead of bickering about the consoles we play them on. Wait what does respecting microsoft have anything to do with an article about sony and nintendo? I know I must not be as "down with the kids" as i thought i was.

      look at the wii u controller and compare it to the PS Vita, see how similar they are? How could sony steal the idea when they announced it within the same week, not to mention nintendo didn't create it out of thin air either

      Sony is selling 2 system to allow remote play. Nintendo is selling 1 system. I still prefer Sony's way, as NGP is more pocket size, and it can do more than the WiiU controller, even though more expensive.

      oh and the WII wands are original?

      and Kinect is just PS Eye

    back when the PSP came out i was hoping for stuff like this, just the tech wasn't good enough.
    The idea is quite old but trust Nintendo to figure it out.

    The problem with PS3 and Vita connectivity is that you have to own both products which are not cheap. Also would you have to own both versions of the game to have a similar Wii U experience?

    With these issues as well as the latency issue I think developers will just focus on making separate games for the 2 devices. You will however see more unique styles of gaming for the Wii U because developers are guaranteed that every Wii U owner will have at least one of these controllers.

      Yeah, but mate I recognise the need to own game on both consoles, but how much do you think the Wii U Controller will cost. My guess is lots!

        I can guarantee you the Wii U controller + system wont cost as much as a PS3 and Vita combined. Remember the controller has no processing power for games it all gets streamed from the console. Yes the console will be more expensive than the Wii is now but I doubt it'll be too much more expensive than when the Wii first came out ($400 Aus). I will buy the system even if the price point is up to $499, but only as long Nintendo have the titles at launch that appeals to me.

      They'll probably do it like Valve. You own it on PC, you own it on PS3.

    Having the controller be a portable game system as well would absolutely blow the wii u out of the water if they were able to get comparable controller-console interaction with the ps3/psvita.

      Highly doubt it. The Wii U is just one console. The connectivity they're talking about here requires two separate (and very expensive) consoles. I doubt people will clamouring to fork out the money to buy a PS Vita (on top of what they paid for the PS3) just to use what seems to be little more than a gimmick.

      Unless you're talking about blowing the Wii U out of the water in terms of functionality.

    I think in the end, its a great idea for people who own a PS3 and will own a Vita. But thats the big problem right there - this stuff has been around since GBA days and never took off because it required so much hardware and investment.. Not everyone had this. With the Wii U, everyone will have this.

    I still think Sony's is a different approach. Much more like the old GBA days allowing connectivity. Where as Nintendo is going for a much broader use and more complex abilities.

    Will be interesting.

    decent remote play from the PS3 to the Vita would be great for when the missus is watching her soaps and I can't use the telly for a gaming fix! Fingers crossed...

    I have to give him props for actually mentioning other companies and stipulating on them on record. Lately it seems like mentioning competitors is a naughty word.

    Nintendo had the idea first with the Gameboy Advance-Gamecube Connection feature, but that didn't quite stick. Wii U is a bit different because it doesnt have a portable CONSOLE connected to the main one- it just has a tablet controller. Kinda a different story. It's not like you could take the Wii U controller and play it wherever you want on trains and buses 50 km away from your console..

      Exactly. Unfortunately, a lot of people still haven't understood this and seem to think comparing the Wii U to the Vita is perfectly normal.

    Yep. The Dreamcast (bless it's soul) was doing this sorta stuff back in 1998!

    Just goes to show how ground breaking the DC was.

    I am already getting a Vita, but if Sony can have me playing PS3 games on the Vita screen while the kids watch TV, then I have no reason to buy a WiiU.

      Mario? Zelda? Metroid? Smash Bros? ;)

    The innovation of video gaming for me is the games themselves. Yeah sure the technology for the systems can be innovative - take motion control as an example.

    But the real deal is the games you play on those systems cause thats the point of them after all. So I would rather hold my criticism for when these sort of ideas are put in to practice on the games I want to play.

    Until then, others can criticise all they want about companies trying different ideas, whether they've been done before or not. Comparing something like this to how the music or film industry is, I would say video gaming isn't that unimaginative compared to the formers.

    umm hate to break it too you guys but the wii U 'almost' has as much power as a 360. this is the 8th generation and the wii U doesnt even have the power of the 7th gen. so the vita wins XD

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