Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation Brings All Three Games To Xbox 360, PC, PS3

EA has announced all three Mass Effect games will be available for the price of one when EA releases the Mass Effect Trilogy compilation on November 6, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PC. The collection marks the first time that the original Mass Effect — which was released as an Xbox 360 exclusive — will be playable on the PlayStation 3.

According to EA's press release, the PS3 version will be out at a later date. EA is also declaring November 7 as N7 Day and will be promoting BioWare's iconic sci-fi franchise with in-game and real world events. Head over to the official Mass Effect site for more information


    Seems weird to do this when the DLC run for ME3 isn't finished. Personally I'd rather see a "complete" set next year some time.

    Maybe that's why I'm not an EA manager then.



          ha! sorta not. tee hee

      McGarnical... you'd make a shithouse EA manager...

      Being fair and all that to the people...

      What ARE you thinking!!!!!

      If this box set included every DLC then I'd be interested. I still haven't bought ME3 because it would just mean having to buy more DLC .

    Why isn't this the version being released on WiiU...?

      because then you wont firk out for ME3 on it's lonesome. I bet it will happen in time. :)

      Yeah, it seems like a real missed opportunity. At least I now know not to buy ME3 on the WiiU if this pack is possibly around the corner :P

    Sweet, I never got around to buying 2&3. And is that special packaging I see? Always disliked the ME covers :)

      No!!!!! Don't ruin mass effect by playing the sequels!!! Well, 2 is pretty good, BUT NOOOOO!!!

        Already played 2 alla way through!

    Premium Foil Box! Oh, hell, I'm a sucker for premium foil.

    I thought Microosft published the first game in conjunction with EA... and that's why it couldn't come out on other consoles. Kind of like the deal they have with Epic Games for the Gears games.

      Maybe it was a time-limited exclusivity deal (my guess would be 5 years, given the timing), or they bought their way out of the deal with stacks of money...

        Money? Naaaaaah, surely the creators of my beloved Vidyer Gaemz are in it for the art. :P

      I think Microsoft published the first game when it was released on the 360 and EA published it on the PC a year or so later.

    So is this just a US release or do us ME fans in Australia get it as well? It's EA, so I can only assume they wouldn't limit themselves to one market.

    Is it weird that I own all three games and still want to buy this on PS3 and 360? I think I may have a problem.

    That will be a huge amount of discs

    Part 1 finally released on PSN? I thought this was a MS exclusive due to publishing rights? Wonder how they got around that?

      I was wondering the same thing. I can only assume the publishing deal with MS was not open-ended and has expired. The original released in November 2007, so if it was on a 5 year deal then that deal is just about finished.

    I'm willing to bet that EA will make the PC releases of ME1&2 require Origin with this re-release.

    75 hours of total content?. It took me 60 hours per game, guess I'm just slow!

    I've always wanted to play through the Mass Effect saga on the one console -

      seeing as how my PC sucks and my 360 refuses to update, a PS3 box set is absolutely perfect.
      I've played little bits of Mass Effect over the years but never all three as a cohesive whole. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.

    Big old "F*** you" to WiiU adopters. Because they're doing essentially a giant GOTY edition? Is every game on every non-Nintendo system now an insult to future wii u owners?

        I imagine Sam is referring to the fact that while Mass Effect 3 has been confirmed for Wii U, a much better option in the way of this compilation will be available for other consoles. Wii U customers have the option to pay around $100 for a copy of Mass Effect 3, when owners of other consoles and/or PC can do the same and get the entire trilogy.

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